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Cooperation between the AA.PP. is essential to provide services to citizens and guarantee their right to interact with them electronically. Such cooperation requires conditions that allow the same can be carried out smoothly for which it is necessary that interoperability.

The national Schema Interoperability stipulated in article 156, paragraph 1, of the law 40 / 2015, 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector, which replaces paragraph 1 of Article 42 of Law 11 / 2007, of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services.

The national Schema Interoperability (ENI), regulated by the Royal Decree 4 / 2010 (Opens in new window) , de 8 de enero, establece el conjunto de criterios y recomendaciones que deberán ser tenidos en cuenta por las AA.PP. para la toma de decisiones tecnológicas que garanticen la interoperabilidad. Las technical standards for interoperability under its additional provision first developed specific aspects. The ENI has been formulated by the light of the state of the art and the main referents on interoperability from the European Union, national and international standardization, like in other countries, etc. The ENI is aligned with the European Strategy of interoperability (pdf) (Opens in new window) and European Framework of interoperability (Opens in new window) . Both the ENI, as their technical standards for interoperability , contemplate systematically liaison with equivalent instruments in the European area.

The ENI is the result of a work coordinated by the ministry of the presidency and for local administrations, currently assumed by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function, with the participation of all the AA.PP., through the collegiate bodies with responsibilities for electronic administration. They have been designed with the view of industry associations TIC sector.


The national Schema Interoperability has the following goals:

  • Understand the criteria and recommendations that should be taken into account by the AA.PP . para la toma de decisiones tecnológicas que garanticen la interoperabilidad que permita el ejercicio de derechos y el cumplimiento de deberes a través del acceso electrónico a los servicios públicos, a la vez que redunda en beneficio de la eficacia y la eficiencia, y que eviten la discriminación a los ciudadanos por razón de su elección tecnológica.
  • Enter the common elements guiding the actions of the AA.PP. on interoperability.
  • Make a common language to facilitate interaction of the AA.PP., as well as the communication of the requirements of interoperability industry.

Interoperability is conceived from a comprehensive perspective, so that there can be no action punctual or cyclical treatments, due to the weakness of a system is determined by its point more fragile and often this point is the coordination between individual measures appropriate but poorly assembled.

Elements of the National Schema interoperability

The ENI introduces the following main elements:

  • The specific principles of interoperability : interoperability as integral quality present from conception of services and systems and throughout their life cycle; the multidimensional nature of interoperability; and the approach of multilateral solutions.

  • Organisational interoperability : incluye los aspectos relativos a la publicación de servicios a través de la Red de comunicaciones de las AA.PP. (SARA Network ), with the associated conditions; the use of nodes of interoperability; and maintain inventories of administrative information (administrative bodies, registrars and attention to the citizen, services and procedures).

  • Semantic interoperability : a través de la publicación y aplicación de los modelos de datos de intercambio horizontales y sectoriales, así como los relativos a infraestructuras, servicios y herramientas comunes, a través del Centro de Interoperabilidad Semántica de la Administración.

  • Technical interoperability : a través del uso de estándares en las condiciones previstas en la normativa para garantizar la independencia en la elección, la adaptabilidad al progreso y la no discriminación de los ciudadanos por razón de su elección tecnológica.

  • Infrastructures and common services elements of dynamization, simplification and spread of interoperability, while facilitating connection multilateral. The second AA.PP. those infrastructures and services that can establish in its scope with the common infrastructure and services to provide the General administration of the state to facilitate interoperability and multilateral relationship.

  • La utilización, preferentemente, de la Red de comunicaciones de las Administraciones Públicas Spanish to communicate with each other and the connecting networks and interoperability nodes, using the Routing Plan administration . The Network SARA provides the aforementioned Communications network.

  • Reuse : incluye condiciones de licenciamiento de las aplicaciones, de la documentación asociada y de otros objetos de información que las AA.PP. pongan a disposición de otras administraciones y de los ciudadanos; enlace entre los directorios de aplicaciones reutilizables y consulta por parte de las AA.PP. de las soluciones disponibles para libre reutilización; así como publicación del código de las aplicaciones.

  • Interoperability of electronic signatures and certificates : the policy of electronic signature and certificates of the General administration of the state as tool that can be used as a reference for other AA.PP.; aspects relating to the validation of certificates and electronic signatures, lists of confidence, user applications, service providers of certification and validation platforms of certificates and electronic signature.

  • The recovery and conservation of the electronic document under the Law 11 / 2007, as a manifestation of interoperability over time, and that uniquely affects the electronic document.

  • Creates the technical standards for interoperability and the instruments for interoperability.


Its scope is laid down in Article 2 of the Act 40 / 2015 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector.

Alignment to the National Schema interoperability

In the interim provision of the Royal Decree 4 / 2010 articulates a phased mechanism to adjust to foreseen in the national Schema Interoperability so that the systems of administrations must be appropriate to this scheme in timelines in no case exceeding 48 months since the entry into force of the same.

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