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Mobility in the services of E-government

El avance de las tecnologías en que se apoyan los servicios en movilidad, permiten a las Administraciones Públicas desarrollar una nueva gama de servicios digitales.

Statistical data published by the founding telefónica, in its annual report " The information society in Spain (Opens in new window) ", revelan que en 2014 hubo 21.44 millones de españoles que accedieron a Internet en movilidad, 4 millones más que en 2013. La Administración Electrónica no puede permanecer ajena a esta tendencia social, ofreciendo una respuesta de las Administraciones Públicas a esta demanda de servicios en movilidad. De hecho, este mismo informe destaca que el 49% de los españoles tienen relación con la administración a través de Internet.

In their study “ M-Government: Mobile Technologies for Responsive Governments and Connected Societies (Opens in new window) ", OECD characterized these services as a new range of services, not necessarily result for an existing portability to the new environment, offering greater responsiveness and more efficiently to public administrations. The introduction of mobile technologies in public administrations, ultimately, expanding its capabilities, still accessible by a larger number of citizens and enabling more participatory services.

But at the same time are a new vector for its transformation. The mobility opens the door to new services in the interior of public administrations. Both for senior positions as to officials, mobile technologies bring new data productivity tools for their work.

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