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Routing Plan and interconnection of networks in the administration

  • Short Name:
    The Plan defines a private routing space for public administration at once that facilitates coordination between numbering schemes IP.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation
    Secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP, communications infrastructure and messaging, standardization and regulation
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:



    El Plan de direccionamiento e interconexión de redes en la Administración define un espacio de direccionamiento privado común para los Centros de la Administración. Este Plan permite que cada entidad u organismo pueda establecer de manera independiente sus planes de numeración IP, en función de su infraestructura de red, o distribución orgánica o departamental, pero manteniendo una coordinación con el resto de Administraciones Públicas que evite el uso de direcciones duplicadas.


    Garantizar una correcta administración de la red, mediante un seguimiento permanente del plan de numeración en cada subred y mantener al día la documentación de los cambios que se producen en el mismo. De esta forma se garantiza la evolución y crecimiento de las redes para hacer frente a nuevas necesidades.


    The Law 11/2007 (Opens in new window) of 22 June, electronic access of citizens to public services, hereinafter LAECSP under Article 43, states that the General administration of the state, the autonomous administrations and entities that make up the Local administration, as well as the consortia or other entities of cooperation formed by these, will take the necessary measures and incorporate in their respective fields technologies required to enable the interconnection of their networks in order to create a communications network, interconnecting the information systems of the Spanish public administrations and enables the exchange of information and services between them, as well as the interconnection with networks of institutions of the European Union and other member states.

    The Plan of routing and interconnection of networks in the administration is necessary to:

    • The interconnection of networks of public administrations and in particular and through the network SARA (applications and system for administrations Networks).
    • El despliegue de servicios de administración electrónica sobre la Red SARA.
    • La interconexión con redes de Administraciones de otros Estados miembros de la UE, el despliegue y acceso a los servicios públicos europeos de administración electrónica, a través de la Red SARA y de su enlace con la red transeuropea sTESTA, que tiene a su vez su propio plan de direccionamiento.

    In this sense, the High Council of E-government has championed for years the Plan of routing and interconnection of networks in the administration which defines a space for private routing common centres of the Administration. This scheme allows each entity or body can establish their independent numbering plans IP, depending on its network infrastructure, or departmental organizational or distribution, but keeping a coordination that avoids the use of directions duplicates.


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