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CTT Tuesday

For those solutions of the CTT wanting to build a development community around your project free software, has been created organization -ctt forge within a large public collaborative environment GITHUB , in which public administrations can create and manage your repositories and fostering collaboration with both the public and the private sector.

https: / / / ctt-gob-es (Opens in new window)

Characteristics of Forja-CTT in GitHub

The solutions that they wish can request a repository within the organization Forja-CTT in GitHub. These repositories may empower, according to their needs, the use of these features:

  • Source code management . Management of the source code of the solution through a GIT repository. This repository is the working environment and is in development and in continuous evolution, therefore may be incomplete material and software with outstanding faults address. The top where supply the official versions and stable product encompassing the source code, documents of installation, integration, etc. will download Area of the solution CTT associated.
  • Incident management. Se puede gestionar la notificación, evolución y resolución de las solicitudes relacionadas con cada repositorio: incidencias del servicio, solicitudes de soporte, solicitudes de mejora, etc.
  • Wiki. Creación y gestión de la documentación de la solución en el repositorio de forma colaborativa.
  • Mailing lists. GitHub does not provide support to lists but those solutions that require mailing lists of email to facilitate coordination and collaboration between different actors and users can use the service of distribution lists offered since CTT.

The organization Forja CTT GITHUB is recognized as a space of the public sector:

https: / / / community /

Participation in Forja-CTT

The Forja-CTT is open to the participation in any sector: public, corporate or private.

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