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Reuse of public Sector information

The reuse of public sector information (RISP) involves the use of natural or legal persons, of the data generated and supervised by the public sector agencies, for commercial purposes or not.

Under this framework, in 2009, the Draft Contributes with the objective of promoting the culture of the reuse of public sector information and promote its social and economic value.

Reuse of public Sector information

The Reuse of public Sector information (RISP) presents a considerable economic potential, as it enables us to develop new products, services and markets, to promote economic development and the creation of jobs in the digital content industry. In Addition, the provision of public information on the part of public administrations increase administrative transparency, taking an effect of strengthening democratic values and enabling the citizen participation in public policies.

The initiative Provides

The objectives of this national initiative include promoting a culture favourable to the opening of public data, through the portal ; facilitar que las administraciones realicen dicha apertura e impulsar el mercado de la reutilización de la información pública. Portal

The website it is the website of the national level which manages the catalogue of public information of the public Sector. It Is one point of access to data that the spanish government makes available for reuse.

Esta plataforma alberga más de 25.000  conjuntos de datos  de 300 organismos de la administración central, autonómica y local; ofreciendo herramientas que permiten la federación y sincronización efectiva de otros catálogos open data existentes en España.

Además, es el canal a través del cual se divulgan las developments and progress, as well as the channel where they are available training materials in raising awareness of the value of reuse of public information.

Guides and training materials

In order to be a reference manual to governments, private entities and individuals interested in the reuse of public information have developed many guides and training materials. These contents are available in the portal . Of particular interest the units prepared by the initiative Brings designed to understand the basics of the movement open data, good practices in the implementation of policies of open access and reuse, methodological guidelines for opening, technical regulations as DCAT-AP and NTI-RISP or using tools of data-processing activities.

Catalogue of Public Information

La puesta en marcha en octubre de 2011 del Catálogo de información pública reutilizable, albergado en el portal allows to consolidate the day-to-day community accommodating citizens, companies and administrations.

The purpose of the catalogue is easier for citizens and companies from the identification and access of data sets available in the portal to promote, in this way, the reuse of such information.

The Catalogue has been awarded by the platform LAPSI in january 2012 as the most friendly portal of public information of the European union.

Open Data events

Since its launch in 2009, the initiative Brings is organizing a variety of events and conferences to promote a culture of reuse of public information at the national level. Annually organizes an event known as Provides meeting the public and private sector, where they exchange experiences and good practices in open access and reuse of information.

También se llevan a cabo iniciativas para fomentar la innovación como los Brings challenges that aim to identify new ideas and prototypes based on open data of the public sector.

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