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The Port@firmas is a service for the integration of the signature in the organizational workflows. Allows the signing petitions using the signature of client @firma. Has a web access interface through browser that allows you to perform all the functions of both creation of requests for signing and signature.

The growing tendency to use mobile devices to connect to the internet is necessary to adapt to facilitate portafirmas signing petitions from mobile devices. This will be the ubiquity of the signature and the agility of administrative processing.

With this aim the ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function has developed the application for mobile devices "Mobile Port@Firmas", that lets you view pending petitions signature, filter them, and incorporate the electronic signature to Port@firmas website. This facilitates the implantation of services based on electronic signature, now also accessible via the mobile channel, maintaining a consistent user experience and satisfactory.

For more information about the Port@firmas or as integrating the signature mobile in their applications can consular the initiative:

The project Port@firmas is free software.

Downloading the application

The application "mobile Port@firmas" is available for platforms with operating system Android (Opens in new window) and for platforms media (Opens in new window) . Su descarga es gratuita desde Google Play o el App Store de Apple respectivamente.

You can find the manuals of these APPs en el área de descargas de la solución Portafirmas del CTT.

Access Google play (Opens in new window)                 Access App Store (Opens in new window)

General access point
General access point

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