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Valencian Generalitat. Department of finance and Economic Model

The General Direction of information technology and communications (DGTIC) (Opens in new window) dependiente de la Consellería de Hacienda y Modelo Económico asume las funciones en materia de modernización de la Administración, seguridad de la información, planificación, coordinación, autorización y control de las tecnologías de la información, las telecomunicaciones y comunicaciones corporativas y la teleadministración de la Generalitat.

Valencian Generalitat. Department of Justice, Interior and public administration

The General Direction of strategic planning, quality and modernization of public administration (Opens in new window) within the Department of justice, Interior and public administration functions in general inspection services, administrative simplification, planning and innovation for the implementation of new techniques of organization and work tools aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the public administration, as well as the development and implementation of the different tools of momentum, dissemination and management of knowledge in the field of the administration.

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Plan Estratégico de la Generalitat Valenciana en Tecnologías de la Información y de las Comunicaciones (2016-2020)

01 August 2016

Promoted by: Valencian Generalitat. Conselleria of finance and Economic Model .
Published in web: Department of finance and Economic model. (DGTIC) (Opens in new window) ,agosto de 2016, 1 PDF de 109 p. impresas. Se ofrece también un Executive summary of the Plan (PDF) 32 Q. printed.

  • NOTE : El Plan Estratégico de la Generalitat en Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (2016-2020) formaliza la estrategia que va a seguir la General Direction of information and communications (DGTIC) in a roadmap to 2020, designed to digitize the administration valenciana, strengthen the sector of the TIC Majorcan and offer digital public services of quality.

  • The plan was built around 3 strategic areas: 1. Administration innovative, efficient and conscious; 2. Modern services, insurance, integrated inclusive to realize the digital transformation of the administration; 3. Strengthening of the TIC sector and the transformation of production model, improving the attention to civil society and the relationship with the world académico.estos three axes, in turn, are defined in 19 goals developed through 228 actions and more than 350 concrete activities.

  • Other previous plans: Plan Estratégico de Innovación y Mejora de la Administración de la Generalitat 2014-2016 (PDF) (Opens in new window) and SIRCA-2 Plan simplification and reduction of Administrative Burdens (PDF) (Opens in new window)

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