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Strategic plans in the area of the European Union

Action Plan on electronic Administration 2016-2020 UE

19 April 2016

Announced by the Strategy for a Digital market for Europa, COM (2015) 192 end (PDF) (Opens in new window) the so-called:

  • Action Plan on Electronic Administration of the HAT 2016-2020: digital Accelerating the transformation of the administration , promoted by the European commission, General Direction of communication networks, content and technologies, published on 19 April 2016: COM (2016) 179 end (PDF) (Opens in new window)

  • eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 Accelerating the digital transformation of government COM (2016) 179 end (PDF) (Opens in new window)

  • NOTE: The action Plan of electronic administration 2016-2020 made a vision:
    "by 2020, public administrations and public institutions of the European Union should be open, efficient and inclusive, and digital public service without borders, customized, easy to use and edge to edge to all citizens and companies of the HAT [...]". Notes 3 main priorities and introduces 20 steps to modernize public administrations, get the Digital Single Market, and involve more citizens and businesses in the provision of services of high quality, as well as updating the European Framework of interoperability, available since March 2017.

  • Subsequently, the Ministerial declaration of electronic administration of Tallin (PDF) (Opens in new window) – October 12017 – has been to strengthen the commitment to the principles of this action Plan, particularly the following: digital by default, inclusion and accessibility principle of only once, confidence and security, openness and transparency and interoperability by default.

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Digital Single Market

06 May 2015

A strategy for the Digital single market of Europa: COM (2015) 192 end (PDF) (Opens in new window) All 06 / 05 / 2015
Text in English: A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe (PDF)

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Action Plan of Electronic Administration for Europa 2011-2015

15 December 2010

This Action Plan developed by the European commission, COM (2010) 743 end. Has been published on 15 December 2010 in conjunction with the conference "Lift-Off Towards Open Government" COM (2010) 743 end: European action Plan on Electronic administration: 2011-2015: Use of the TIC to promote a public administration intelligent, sustainable and innovative (PDF) (Opens in new window)

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