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Associations, foundations, corporations

Associations, foundations, Spanish companies that publish studies and reports of interest for the economy and the administration digital.


Spanish association standards and certification (AENOR)

This association created in 1986, has proceeded in 2017 to perform a duplication of their activities by which UNE, asociación sin fines lucrativos, desarrolla la actividad de Normalización y Cooperacion . And for its part, AENOR, business entity, works in the fields of conformity assessment and associated activities such as training or sale of publications.


Association of electronics companies, information technology, telecommunications and Digital Content (AMETIC)

Realiza publicaciones de diversa índole que reflejan el negocio del sector TIC.
Market data information technologies in Spain (2016) (Opens in new window) it is also known the publication of data on TIC and hypersector digital content in spain.

  • NOTE : Anteriormente en colaboración con el Ministerio de Industria se realizó anualmente el Informe: (Opens in new window)

  • También promueve la edición de publicaciones de estudios sobre los perfiles profesionales TIC; sobre smart cities; transformación digital en el sector de la salud, etc.


Professional association of senior Bodies systems and information technologies of public administrations (ASTIC)

Done since 1996 Boletic magazine (Opens in new window) where are reflected best practices in digital administration.


Association of Computer technicians of the Local administration (ATIAL)

This partnership that arises from the Majorcan Valenciana has the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences and the realization of synergies between staff associated with information technology and communications (TICK) in local administrations.


Association of Internet users (AUI)

Its aim to promote good Internet use in the so-called Information society.
Protect and defend the interests and rights of Internet users and new technologies.
In the parcipación world day of the internet. Also promote prizes for best practices.



National Centre of technologies of accessibility (CENTAC)

Carries out studies of accessibility working with government agencies.

Organizes the National Congress CENTAC technologies of accessibility.

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Spanish confederation of business organisations (CEOE)

The CEOE integrates with voluntary two million companies and individuals of all sectors of activity, which are linked to CEOE through more than associations of base.

Innovation Club


Spanish association for the digitization (Digital)

Patronage of the sector of the digital technology and innovation in spain. The aim of Digital transformation is to promote global digital and real citizens, companies and public administration.

Founding COTEC

Founding COTEC

The Founding Cotec for innovation is a private non-profit whose mission is to promote innovation as the engine of economic and social development.

Performs among other publications the Report Cotec (Opens in new window) que refleja la situación de la I+D+I en España, a través del análisis de los principales indicadores nacionales, autonómicos e internacionales

Founding ELEVEN • Discapnet


Discapnet, the Portal of persons with disabilities is an initiative to promote social and labour integration of disabled persons, with the sponsorship Founding ELEVEN (Opens in new window) .

Done in the series: reports of Infoaccesibilidad from the Observatory of accessibility TIC.

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Founding Orange

Founding PwC Spain

Founding PwC Spain

Legal lecturer in the public Sector PWC-IE have been conducted study as: Electronic administration: A myth or a reality for citizens of the 21st century? (2010)

Telephone foundation

White foundation

Digital Socinfo

Digital Socinfo

Digital Socinfo portal is led by the Society Magazine of Digital information. This magazine promotes seminars linked to the world of information technology and communications in public administration. Its aim is to promote the exchange of experiences and best practices among responsible TIC of public and private with decision-making capacity, prospecting technological and strategic definition.

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