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Records of the administration

Since the publication of law 39/2015, of 1 october, of Common Administrative Procedure of the public authorities, the Records of the public administrations are regulated by article 16: it is established the obligation of all Public Administrations of an electronic register general interoperable, or, where appropriate, to accede to the General state administration. When there is no specific procedure in the electronic site destination agency, these records will allow stakeholders to submit their applications on paper, which will be converted into electronic format and as duly authenticated copy will be viewed against the administrative units of destination.

Suite of products related to the electronic registers.

The Secretariat-General for administration Digital ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Service has initiated a set of initiatives by which to make progress in the implementation of the electronic registers in all administrative and promote the exchange of registration.

There are various modalities in the service is provided:

Common Elements

Horizontal components are those that can be integrated into various applications for building or sustain a service of electronic administration

Solutions in cloud

It is complete solutions at the disposal of the public administrations to respond to common needs to use them from a single point provided services.

  • Electronic Registration of the General AGE . It offers the rest of the public administrations of their use to receive requests, submissions and communications to its agencies and that do not conform to the administrative procedure as contained in its own electronic register. It is mandatory for all public administrations provide this service, either by themselves or by using the Electronic Register Of AGE.
  • ORVE – Office of the Virtual record . The Office of the Virtual record (ORVE) is a service in the cloud offered to all offices of the register with which there is a collaboration agreement signed. It allows scanning of the documentation presented by the citizen in registration offices, applying the digitization at window with full legal validity, and sending this documentation electronically to the fate through the system of Record linkage (SIR).
  • GEISER . Comprehensive solution to public agencies, which covers the management of both their registration offices and units target tramitadoras documentation. This Last feature management tramitadoras units differentiates GEISER of the office of the Virtual record ORVE, where governance is at the country office level that allows to register the digitization of documentation submitted by the citizen in the offices and the exchange of records in electronic format with other bodies connected to the continental SIR. Is prepared to work in a cloud to provide the service to any public authority who requests it.

Direct services to the citizen

  • Electronic Registration of the General AGE (Opens in new window) . Allows submission of requests, submissions and communications to the AGE and their Government Agencies not in accordance with administrative procedures already covered in the electronic registers of the various administrations.

Technical specifications

  • Rule SICRES 3.0 . Modelo de Datos para el intercambio de asientos entre Entidades Registrales.
  • Sicres-tester . The service provided public administration to test compliance with the specifications of SICRES 3.0.


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