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Practical Guides

Accessibility observatory

This section contains various guides or / and manuals that pretend to be an aid for the management and maintenance of accessibility in the web portals of administration. All these guides are coordinating and preparing within the initiative of the observatory of Web accessibility.


Adapted to guides AT 301 549:2018 (equivalent to WCAG 2.1)

  • Guide to web accessibility validation. Guide to help about how to perform the validations of accessibility during the different life cycles of a portal or website. Addressed to developers, content publishers and evaluators responsible for ensuring compliance with accessibility requirements on a website.
  • Adapting to guide WCAG 2.1 since WCAG 2.0. Guide to help for perpetrators of websites that are already comply with respect to the WCAG 2.0 and want to evolve its website to the new WCAG 2.1.


Adapted guides to the UNE 139803:2012


Adapted guides to the UNE 139803:2004

These contents were prepared considering terminology and indications of the standard UNE 139803:2004. All these contents have been updated to reflect the new standard UNE 139803:2012 and are available at the beginning of this page. It is recommended to use Only the versions concerning the UNE 139803:2012.

  • Management of accessibility in the managers of contents (Opens in new window) . Guide for the technical responsible of websites which reflects the issues that must be taken into account and that it must take care and implement operational declensions of portals through managers of contents.
  • Guide to basic issues of accessibility for publishers late contents (Opens in new window) That collects. Guide accessibility issues which must meet the editors late contents, mostly non-technical, in editing and daily generation of contents. The guide is licensed under the Creative Commons. This allows those responsible for each site may modify its content adapted to the particularities of edition in each of its settings.
  • Accessibility guide for electronic headquarters (Opens in new window) . Guide to the technicians responsible for the development and implantation of electronic headquarters. Focuses on the specifics of accessibility at headquarters (identity and electronic signature and forms) to help with the task of include electronic processing mechanisms so that these are accessible.
  • Accessibility guide for Multimedia Content (Opens in new window) . Guide for technical and for responsible for content that collects accessibility requirements that must meet the multimedia content. The guide specifies both the technical requirements for the inclusion of multimedia content on the website as specific requirements that must comply with the actual content during his generation and preparation (subtitles, sign language, etc.)