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Practical Guides

Accessibility observatory

This section contains various guides or/and manuals that pretend to be an aid for the management and maintenance of accessibility in the web portals of administration. All these guides are coordinating and preparing within the initiative of the Observatory of Web accessibility.


Adapted to guides AT 301 549:2018 (equivalent to WCAG 2.1)

  • Guide to web accessibility validation.  Guía de ayuda sobre cómo realizar las validaciones de accesibilidad durante los diferentes ciclos de vida de un portal o sitio web. Dirigida a desarrolladores, editores de contenido y evaluadores responsables de velar por el cumplimiento de los requisitos de accesibilidad en un sitio web.
  • Adapting to guide WCAG 2.1 since WCAG 2.0. Guide to help for perpetrators of websites that are already comply with respect to the WCAG 2.0 and want to evolve its website to the new WCAG 2.1.


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