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Any public administration may request registration of a reusable solution in the directory solutions for the CTT available to the rest of Public administrations.

To do this, please login in the PAe with a registered user of public administrations and access this page, search for a solution. Once identified, it will have available a form to fill the data of the solution to be high.

When the solution has been approved you will be notified to the applicant.

See the Guide of publication Asset and discharge , preparada dentro del ámbito del Esquema Nacional de Interoperabilidad, para conocer todas las consideraciones previas y pasos a realizar antes de proceder a solicitar el alta de la solución: condiciones de copyright y autoría, estudio de componentes, selección de la licencia, preparación del activo para la distribución, etc.

In collaboration with Specifically provides a consultation service through which the AAPP may make matters related to Free software and the dismissal of their solutions.

And to assist in the process of preparing the source code of the solution provides a help tool for the inclusion of headers.

See the Manual document users - Edition of content - CTT-PAe, available in the Download area of the solution CTT for details, practical edition of the solution.

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