PAe - Released new version of the application Archive
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Released new version of the application Archive

27 may 2021

It has been published for installation from every public administration, the new version of Archive (v.1.5), the implementation of the final file of documents and electronic records.

The General Secretariat of Digital Administration has launched a new version of the distribution of Archive (v.1.5), which incorporates improvements in internal management and the performance of the application. Archive is a state of the final file of documents and electronic files, which allows, inter alia: administration of a file, management of archive centre, metadata management of technical standards, records management, transfer of files between files or generation of records for a change of custody.

Archive fulfils the requirements of electronic archiving of law 39/2015 of common administrative procedure and the National Scheme of Interoperability, which provides that “ public administrations will create electronic repositories, complementary and parallel in its role in the conventional files, designed to cover the whole life cycle of electronic documents ”.

This new version includes among other developments:

  • Improvements in the management of archives: adds form and management by columns.
  • Access to the viewer DIPs users in the implementation.
  • Possibility to export the search results to Excel and PDF.
  • It is reported to the responsibility of the file, when an error when transferring files.
  • The metadata TipoAcceso of version 1 eEMGDE it is added value as possible: partly limited.
  • The role admin can manage and edit users of their allocated File.
  • In the form, it can filter by functional classification code.
  • Adaptation Cl@ve 2.
  • Allows for inclusion in Files ENI with related matters.
  • Applications can be allocated to various centres of File.
  • Integration with new Web Service SIA for the collection and use of metadata from File.
  • Definition of metadata eEMGDE in configuration file and development of the use of version 2 eEMGDE .
  • The file and its Documentary Series support various versions of metadata eEMGDE at the same time.
  • Other improvements and fixes.

For more detailed information on developments provided, please consult the file WhatsNew-1-5-1.txt (Opens in new window) , which is included in the downloads section of the page Archive (Opens in new window) "href =" https :// administracionelectronica.gob.es/ptt/archive # developments "target =" _ blank "> CTT- Solutions Archive(Opens in new window) .

  • Centre for technology transfer
  • Infrastructure and common services
  • Laws 39 and 40