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Reuse of public Sector information

Reuse of public sector information (RISP) consists in use by natural or legal persons, the data generated and guarded by the public sector agencies, for commercial purposes or not.

Within this framework, in the year 2009 was born the Project Brings with the aim of promoting the culture of the reuse of public sector information and disseminate their social and economic value. Brings goes according to the guidelines set by the development strategy of the economy and digital society of the government of Spain, in 2009 the Plan Advances and from 2011 the Digital Agenda for Spain (Opens in new window) .

Reuse of public Sector information

Reuse of public Sector information (RISP) presents a considerable economic potential, since it allows you to develop new products, services and markets. Promotes economic development and the creation of jobs in the digital content industry. Additionally, the provision of public information by public administrations increases administrative transparency, bearing an effect of strengthening of democratic values and enabling citizen participation in public policies.

The Project Provides

The objectives of this national initiative include promoting a culture conducive to the opening of public data, through the portal (Opens in new window) ; facilitate conducting the administrations opening and boost the market of the reuse of public information.

It is noteworthy that the actions carried out under the Project Brings comply with the guidelines of World Wide Web Consortium (Opens in new window) (W3C), agency responsible for the development of open standards, free and interoperable. Portal

The website (Opens in new window) is the portal of national character who organizes and manages the catalogue of public information of the public Sector with more than 342,000 visits since its launch until September 2014.

Until that time, this platform offers 2,569 data sets of more than 100 agencies of the central administration, regional and local; offering tools that allow the federation and effective synchronization of other catalogs open existing data in spain.

Moreover, is the channel through which describes the news (Opens in new window) and progress (Opens in new window) on the field, as well as the channel where they are available training materials (Opens in new window) , sensitivity and awareness of the value of the reuse of public information.

Guides and training materials

In order to be a reference manual for governments, private entities and individuals interested in the reuse of public information have been developed two guides and complementary training materials numbers:

Catalogue of Public Information

The launch in October 2011 catalogue of reusable public information housed in the portal (Opens in new window) , comparable to Open portals standing in the most advanced countries, consolidate the day the community accommodating citizens, companies and administrations.

The objective of the catalogue is easier for citizens and businesses identification and access of existing data sets on the portal to favor, in this way, the reuse of such information.

The Catalogue has been awarded by the platform LAPSI in January 2012 as the most friendly portal of public information of European Union.

Training and advice

To ensure compliance with the current regulations regarding reuse, the Project has been offering Brings, since October 2012, support and advice to government agencies RISP (Opens in new window) both telematics as presencial. Through this service have been met over 1,500 consultations and have been witnessing 120 which have solved doubts operational and technical.

During the training sessions targeting eyewitnesses RISP makers of government agencies have attended by more than 230 participants.

Open events Standing

Since its launch in 2009, the Project has been organizing Provides various events and conferences to promote the culture of reuse of public information at the national level. Annually organizes an encounter aimed at the public and private sectors; comes in the sector open data at the national level. The past 14 January 2014 took place its fourth edition under the title Match Brings: the value of the data open and sectoral forum tourism. The event brought together more than 200 professionals and its aimed at the exchange of experiences concerning the opening of public data and reuse towards the development of business and increased transparency in public policies.

Public forum for collaboration private

Within the framework of the project Brings gets underway in June 2013 the collaborative forum público-privado to foster cooperation within the framework of the reuse of public Sector information ( CPP-RISP forum ). With the participation of the ministries of industry, energy and tourism and Finance and Public administrations, as well as several entities and associations linked to the technology industry, working together in the design of a global environment feasible access to public data for reuse , facilitating obtain the same its full potential economic and social value.

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