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International Scope

Figure reflecting the main actors and programs that determine the organization in the international arena.

In general activities such as follows:

  • Enter the objectives Spanish in various documents and statements of high level.
  • To contribute with relevant information concerning advances in Spain for various studies, analysis and measurements.
  • Facilitar la alineación de nuestro país con diversas iniciativas, particularmente en la Unión Europea.
  • Aportar la perspectiva y posición española en los diversos foros, comités y grupos de trabajo.
  • Collaborate on joint work carried out by the various forums, committees and working groups.
  • Support the integration of Spain in European services of electronic administration.
  • Channel policies and guidelines of development of electronic administration at European level, or other such as OCDE or of standardisation, the administration.
  • Take various products, particularly ISA agenda.
  • Actively participate in joint projects, particularly in the case of European Union.
  • Coordinar y apoyar a actores de la Administración en relación con el acceso a servicios transfronterizos en la UE; prestando incluso soporte de servicios operativos de infraestructura tecnológica.
  • Cooperate in training, information, presentation and dissemination.
  • Share experiences in connection with the development of electronic administration.
  • Inform and disseminate information on the previous proceedings; as well as projects and actions of the General direction.

Previous actions are recorded in the relevant international activity reports that are developed as a result of relevant meetings.

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General access point