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The translation of the portal you are viewing has been done by an automatic system of translation without revision of translations by hand and human translators.
This system called SILVER uses automatic translation engines opensource based on rules and in statistics. Systems have been trained with the corpus specific to the subjects of the portals, usually administrative matters. In Addition there has been a review of key concepts that should not be translated as names, addresses, names, etc. Although it is to make the greatest effort to improve the dictionaries, being an automatic translation without direct manual revision cannot be ensure correct translation of all the té quality of translations vary depending on the language and are marked and defined by the thresholds of quality that current technology in provides automatic translation.
If you find any concept incorrectly translated or that it should not be translated into the portal which was sailing contact the support of this portal to correct the error.


The portal billed that vostè està having visualitzant realitzada per a system of automàtic have sense billed de les traduccions media i se réjouissent roof.
SILVER entrenament denominat system of motors applied automàtics opensource basats billed in règles i in como. Els sistemes have sigut entrenats amb corpus específics per a les matèries dels portals, generalment matèries administratives. A més s'ha procedit have a of conceptes clau that must not be traduïts com a noms, adreces, cognoms, etc. that Faces at fer the major esforç per improve els diccionaris, billed as a new sense have direct manual is not pot assegurar correct billed de tots els té them after Mireval six traduccions segons l language i estan marcades i definides pels llindars Blouson of the current technology in new billed provides.
If you find concepte incorrectament traduït or non-dut traduir-se on the portal in the qual estava navegant pose's in contacte amb el suport d'aquest portal per a esmenar l 'error.

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