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This Plan provides for mobilizing public investment of at least €2.6 billion for the next three years, of whom at least 600 million iran aimed specifically at the autonomous communities and local corporations for the development of digital public services throughout the territory. The aim of the Plan is to improve the accessibility of public services to citizens and companies with all the guarantees for the protection of personal data and companies, overcome the digital divides social and territorial and enhancing the efficiency of public administrations through digitization of tractors important areas such as health, justice, or the employment policies, the consular services or the territorial administration in terms of inclusiveness.

The quick-impact projects in the digitization of the public Sector will have an investment of 1,040 million euros. For example, in the area of health will be strengthened for the interoperability information management of the different autonomous communities to improve the service, implement artificial intelligence to the analysis of data and health emergencies; by the judiciary, the ministry of justice has developed a Plan to improve Justice 2030 digital services to citizens, enterprises and collective and go to a judicial management sustainable over time; and information systems will be improved to give support to unemployment benefits and activation policies for employment. All this with appropriate guarantees for the rights of citizens and businesses in the area of data.

With this Plan, are moving towards an administration of the twenty-first century to include reforms and investments that will improve both the administrative procedures as digital skills and resources available. The public sector of the various administrations will serve as a lever and support of the major changes required in Spain. This programme will further support the digital processing of local and regional administrations responsible, consistent with the guidelines established for the General state administration in this period.

The Plan will increase the efficiency of public administrations, by strengthening the means and shared services, thus generating a series of synergies and savings of very significant costs to ensure the sustainability of investments and provide more resources and tools for achieving the objectives of resilience, climate change, environment, digital transition, public health and territorial cohesion.

In addition, and in coherence with the Plan of Digital Connectivity and infrastructure, better digital connectivity in public centres will promote better delivery of new services that includes such a Plan of digitizing the Public Administrations, such as telemedicine.

To that end, the Plan will be structured in three areas:

  1. Digitally transform administration trasversales initiatives for the deployment of efficient public services, safe and simple and universalizing access to emerging technologies.
  2. The deployment of digitalization projects tractors, for example, in the areas of health, justice and Employment.
  3. Support the digitalization of territorial administrations, autonomous communities and Local entities.

Key actions of the Plan of digitizing the Public Administrations

  • App Factory:  Una iniciativa para potenciar el desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles de calidad con las que mejorar el acceso a los servicios públicos, acercar la Administración a la ciudadanía y facilitar una relación más fluida y cercana. El objetivo es que a finales de 2025 la mitad de los servicios públicos estén disponibles en app móviles.
  • In one click administration:  Facilitará a ciudadanos y empresas el acceso a la información y a los servicios públicos digitales de la Administración General del Estado. Una medida que evitará la dispersión de información y que reducirá barreras a la consulta de información y la utilización de los servicios.
  • GobTechLab:   La iniciativa pondrá en marcha un laboratorio de innovación de la Administración General del Estado para mejorar la experiencia en el uso de los servicios públicos digitales a través de la participación ciudadana, la creación colaborativa y la innovación en servicios públicos. Este proyecto contempla el desarrollo de un espacio abierto donde experimentar servicios públicos con ciudadanos y empresas y recoger sus opiniones o sugerencias para la mejora de los mismos. Los principales ámbitos de aplicación serán las tecnologías emergentes como la IA, analítica del dato y blockchain.

Digitization Plan of the public administrations 2021-2025 (Opens in new window)

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