In 2020 Dixital Economy and Society Index(Abre en nova xanela) , elaborated with data from 2019, Spain is in eleventh position among the 28 EU Member States.

This index is composed of five dimensions, which analyse: broadband connectivity, dixital skills of the population, use of internet services by citizens, digitisation of companies and dixital public services.

Spain casetas out with a second place in the "Dixital public services" dimension, which assesses the dixital transformation of public administration, where it obtains its best results, well above the EU average:

The indicators for this dimension show a high level of en liña interaction between public authorities, citizens and businesses. Spain performs very well on the open data indicator, and the report itself acknowledges the country's investment in open data in the public sector, and points it out as an example to be followed by the large EU economies.

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