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Beijing platform for processing and notification telematics

  • Short Name:
    To satisfy the AAPP of a system that allows citizens to the submission of documentation for telematics to initiate the procedure, enabling electronic signature of documents, payment of fees and on-line telematic registration.
    Target audience:
    Any citizen, Public Administration
    Responsible Agencies:
    Product installable

    Andreu Font
    Cap Of Acupuncture DGTIC the
    Tel: 971784178

    Type of Solution:
    Implementation of Open Sources
    State of the solution:
    Organic Área:
    Technical Área:
    Electronic procedure
    Functional Área:
    Government and public Sector, the economy and finance
    GPL (GNU General Public License)
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    Operating system:
    Windows, Unix, Linux


    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    En el año 2003 se inició el proyecto “Regions On Line”, financiado por el FEDER. A raíz de aquel proyecto se construyeron dos aplicativos que han resultado claves en el proceso de acercar mediante canales telemáticos la Administración a sus ciudadanos; estos aplicativos son ROLSAC y ROLFORMS. Ambas aplicaciones sirvieron de base para el desarrollo de la plataforma SISTRA . Since then it has evolved according to the needs of the Govern and, ultimately, suitable for that would serve any public administration and live with information systems already in place.


    • To satisfy the AAPP a system that allows citizens to the submission of documentation telematics para iniciar un trámite, habilitando firma electrónica de documentos, pago on-line de tasas y registro telemático.
    • Provide citizens with a private web space in which they can access your personal data and situation of all files in progress for air telematics.
    • Enable citizens to receive notifications in your web space.

    Major challenges and key aspects of implementation

    • The main difficulty it has been the in parallel development of services required by SISTRA and technological difficulties arising from the use of digital signatures and certification.
    • A key it has been the existence of corporate services not offered by SISTRA but required for the publication of telematic services (digital signature, authentication, users and check-out documentary, custody, among others).
    • The developments future will turn to the environment enhancing development environments and publishing services , comprehensive notifications (unification of routine and telematic), proceedings via email and SMS and functional improvements in the area staff and entities.

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