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Suite of products related to the electronic signature to promote and facilitate the introduction of systems of signature and authentication in public administration

Within the common services provided by the state secretary of administration Digital, has created a suite of products related to the electronic signature to promote and facilitate the introduction of systems of signature and authentication in the public administration, promoting the reuse of solutions with the primary purpose of offering a service of validation of certificates, electronic signature and security, undocked from applications with the aim of boosting the implantation of electronic services for the citizen.

It is a solution of reference to comply with the measures of signing and identification described in the Law 39/2015, 1 October, Common administrative procedure and Law 40/2015, 1 October, of Legal Regime of the public Sector .

Suite @firma schema   Presentation of the suite @firma (Opens in new window)

Through the set of applications of the suite @firma provides horizontal services signature and some software components. These services and applications are made available to the public administrations who wish it:

Common elements

  • @firma : plataforma de validación de certificados y firmas, ofrecida como servicio desde la Secretaria General de Administración Digital.
  • TS@ authority of time-stamping : Authority of time-stamping of the ministry of the General Secretary of administration Digital.
  • Cl@vefirma Signature: with certificates ‘ in the cloud ’.
  • Cl@ve : Platform of identification of individuals based on certificates, concerted keys, and other European identification systems.
    • Portafirmas in SARA: component for the integration of the signature in the organizational workflows offered as a service from the network SARA.

Products available

  • @firma Model: Province. Offered to be installed in any Public Administration.
    • For validation of certificates and signatures
    • For signing of server, or label.
  • Suite @firma client : generation of signatures in local (PC or mobile device) in different formats:
    • For web browsers:
      • Miniapplet (javascript) + Self-Signature
    • As a desktop application
      • Self-signature
      • Standalone
    • As App for mobile devices: mobile @firma client
  • FIRe : Component that integrates services of local signature (PC and mobile devices) and in the cloud
  • eVisor : Web application of generation of copies and reports of signing in pdf
  • Portafirmas : component for the integration of the signature in workflows organisational
  • Integr@ : bookstores/services for integration with @firma and signature in local server.

Direct services to citizens (portals)

  • Validate : aplicación web para el usuario final de validacion de firmas y certificados. Demostrador de @firma
  • Signature Portal (Opens in new window) : conceptos básicos sobre la firma y en qué consiste el proceso de firma

Cloud solutions

  • Portafirmas en SARA : componente para la integración de la firma en los flujos de trabajo organizativos ofrecida como servicio desde la red SARA.


  • Signature policy and certificates : guidelines and technical standards applicable to the use of certificates and electronic signature in the General administration of the State.


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