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Platform for the management of the educational system Andalusian

  • Short Name:
    Facilitated by the use of ict management processes of educational establishments, support services to education, programmes and activities of the educational administration.
    Target audience:
    Any citizen, Public Administration
    Responsible Agencies:
    Service in the end user network

    Francisco Silveira García
    General Secretariat of the Technical Education Cons.

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    State of the solution:
    Organic Área:
    Technical Área:
    Facilities management, systems support the electronic workflow, electronic workflow
    Functional Área:
    Education, culture and sports
    Not applicable
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    Starting position and origin of the initiative

    Of traditional management systems were not able to respond to the requirements for knowledge generation and adaptability the changes and developments and pose some difficulties as a management environments and nature of data varied, lack of updated information, high cost of maintenance and adaptability, etc. The Ministry of education in the development of a management solution itself in the absence of a solution in the appropriate market for the needs of the network of schools.


    • Facilitate through the use of icts management processes educational institutions, support services to education, programmes and activities of the educational administration.
    • To support the management processes, transfer and exchange of information between educational establishments and other services and bodies of the ministry of Education.
    • Normalize, simplify and automate the tasks of management and control in educational establishments.
    • Facilitate communication by electronic means between educational establishments and their educational communities and other services and bodies of the ministry of Health.
    • To facilitate the collection of information for the exercise of the functions of the educational Admon..

    Major challenges and key aspects of implementation

    • The main difficulty was deployment of telecommunications throughout the andalusian geographical scope because the situation of departure was very complex by the “ digital divide ”.
    • The lack of experience in similar projects in the administration, especially with the volumes of users, sizing the hardware is not appropriate in its infancy and causing system collapses in times of high interactivity.
    • A an information system with a versatile software design to support policy changes and policies with adaptive capacity in periods of time.
    • A software technology whose costs are a handicap a la hora de plantearse nuevos desarrollos o incorporar a nuevos colectivos (tecnologías abiertas (JAVA).

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