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What is the centre of transfer of technology - CTT?

The Centre for technology transfer issued a general directory of applications or/and solutions whose objective is to promote the reuse of solutions for all the public authorities. This portal reported projects, services, semantic assets, policy and solutions that are being developed in the field of Electronic administration. Its main objectives are:

  • Create a common repository software and services for reuse in public administrations.
  • Create a common knowledge base on the various technical solutions (policy, services, semantic assets, infrastructure, developments, etc). in the area of electronic administration.
  • Create an area where you can share experiences and cooperate in the area of electronic administration.

In addition, a GITHUB (Opens in new window) "href =" https :// "target =" _ blank "> reserved area in GITHUB(Opens in new window) it facilitates collaborative development of applications of the public administrations. Any administration can publish your free software project and create a community of development around it.

The CTT is available to any public administration and to any profile to work in the area of E-government.

The Centre for transfer of technology is the answer to the mandate of article 17 of the royal decree 4/2010, of 8 january, which regulates the spanish national scheme of interoperability in the area of electronic administration.

Moreover, the centre for technology Transfer is covered in article 158 of act no. 40 of 2015. The Centre for transfer of technology is the general directory of applications for reuse in the General state administration and interopera with directories established by other public administrations.

To help use CTT it has been made available to all its users through:

  • Quick guide to use CTT . Introduction soon CTT and its functioning: environments, solutions, users, etc. Available for anonymous users within the Download area the solution of “ CTT
  • Guide of publication and dismissal of assets , prepared within the scope of the National Scheme of Interoperability, for all the considerations and steps to make before proceeding to request registration with the solution: conditions of copyright and authorship, study, selection of components of the licence, preparation of the asset to the distribution, etc.
  • Guide for the provision of service in way applications , prepared within the scope of the National Scheme of Interoperability and reuse in service. Serves as a tool of support for public administrations which want to make applications, platforms, infrastructure or processes in service for reutilization by other agencies. Includes considerations to take into account before request registration reusable solution in service.
  • Edition of solutions. Explains how to do the editing and management of a settlement on the environment CTT - PAe . Available for anonymous users within the Download area the solution of “ CTT ”.
  • Administrator Manual distribution lists with mailman . Describes the configuration options for more frequent use in the distribution lists as well as the tasks to be carried out by the administrator/moderator of the same. Available for anonymous users within the Download area the solution of “ CTT ”.
  • Support team. For any doubt or incident may contact support at (Opens in new window)
  • Consultation on licensing questions: In collaboration with Registrar provides a service through which AAPP will be able to make matters relating to free software and the dismissal of their solutions.

The solutions to the directory CTT is the right place to find a solution, project, semantic or active to reuse in your administration.

All the solutions available on the CTT gather information and of use. We offer different options for download and collaboration in them, such as forums and mailing lists. In Addition, where possible, you can download the source code or shall be linked to the external repository which can be downloaded.

The CTT is available via the Internet and the Red SARA . However, in the case of public administrations, it is recommended for use since the Red SARA only SARA it will have access to all the information and specific services for public administrations.

Solutions to those who want to build a community development project around its free software, it has created the organization forja-CTT within a large public collaborative environment GITHUB where the public administrations can create and manage your repositories

https :// (Opens in new window)

The organization Forja CTT it is recognized in GITHUB as an area of the public sector:

https :// (Opens in new window)

The operation of CTT is shaped by two fundamental aspects: solutions and levels of access . The solution is the basic unit of work within the CTT around which all functionalities orquestan offered. The different levels of access to customize the information and services offered by each solution to each user.

A set of documents, files, news, pages of information and services. Conceptually a solution or/and project may be:

  • Horizontal services available to all agencies to facilitate or streamline the introduction of new services.
  • Developments made which code and associated information made available to governments to be used or improved.
  • Semantic assets data models or coding lists which can be used by other public administrations.
  • Any technological project that experience with its allocation and use for other bodies could benefit from it.
  • Recommendations, legislation, methodologies , etc. of implementation on TIC in the administration.

In the directory solutions CTT housed within the PAe ( CTT - PAe ) there will always be available information does the public solutions (available from the internet):

  • “ General ” tab. It is the home page of the solution that reflects the broad concepts of the solution and the main data. Furthermore responsible for the solution may decide to include:
    • New features. Public developments related to the solution.
    • Subscription. Notifications of changes made in reports or documents relating to the solution.
  • “ Info tab. Additional ”. Delves into the details of functional and technological solution.
  • Tab Área “ downloads ”. Different downloadable content organized by public folders.
  • Other tabs. Those responsible for the solution may enable use of other 2 tabs publicly, to provide further information, indicators, etc.

In addition, each can offer to the registered users of public administrations which access by the network SARA:

  • Tab Área “ downloads ”. Content extending the already present for anonymous users that are specific to Public administrations.
  • “ Collaboration ” tab. Participation in discussion forums on the solutions.
  • Other tabs. Those responsible for the solution may enable use of other 2 tabs to provide further information, indicators, access to mailing lists, etc.

In any case a solution will have a maximum of 5 tabs active.

Those solutions that may wish to start a collaborative development project space-enabled Forja-CTT of GITHUB as a repository. The server may enable, according to their needs, the use of these features:

  • Área of source code. Management of the code of the project through a repository GIT . This repository is the work environment and is under development and in continuous evolution, therefore it may be incomplete materials and software to solve outstanding defects. Place where provide official releases and stable project encompasses the source code, installation, integration etc. it will be the Área downloads of the solution CTT associated.
  • Graphics. Consultation on statistics on aspects related to the project, as contributions, visitors, updates of the code, etc.
  • Management of Incidents. You can manage the notification, evolution and resolution of all applications related to each project: incidences of service, requests for support, applications for improvement, resolution of the system, etc.
  • Wiki . Establishment and management of the documentation of a collaborative project

Users CTT they can participate in different degrees and with different permits in the different solutions.

The environment CTT - PAe difference between 4 types of users who would face a different level of participation within the portal and each solution.

  • Anonymous visitor. That is one user only general information of public nature of the solutions CTT . This user does not need to be identified and have access from the Internet and from the red SARA .
  • A registered visitor of PAe . Are those users who have a greater interest in participating actively in the PAe : speaking their minds, to participate in fora or/and communities, etc. From any Area (public or private) you can have a registered user in the PAe Available from the internet and from the red SARA .
  • A registered visitor of PAe public administrations. Visitors are registered PAe belonging to the public authorities. The membership of the administration will be validated by the responsible PAe . These users will higher levels of access to services and functionalities of the PAe. Specifically to the case of CTT in addition, if admitted on the network SARA have more options available for consultation, participation and download (tabs download area, collaboration and more) within the solutions.
  • The administrator of solutions. Once the profile of “ registered visitor PAe public administrations ” in the case of CTT you can request the establishment of a new solution becoming the manager. The administrator of the solutions is responsible for managing the solution: content, etc, and can only do this from the network administration SARA A solution can count on several administrators.

Users of the organization forja-CTT in GITHUB are entirely independent of the existing CTT-PAe .

In order to be a registered visitor of public administrations must work in a public administration and use an email account of the entity. The allocation of this profile is requested by selecting user registration profile "" administration and is supervised by the central management PAe . It will be adopted after the registration process.

When a user wants to find a solution to reuse in its administration must be directed to the directory solutions CTT (environment CTT - PAe ). Since this environment has four avenues available to do so:

  • Search engine for solutions . Use jointly search options by keywords and by classification and characteristics of the solution. That is, it could find for example all solutions signature (text = signature) and that they are horizontal services (technical classification = horizontal services for AAPP ). If the magazine “ text ” is left empty can i get a list of all projects for a particular classification (the currently selected).
    In the form of solutions CTT this includes the search option that allows predictive anticipate the desired results by the user. Once it has introduced a minimum of 3 characters, provides a list with solutions the “ short name ”, “ Short ” or “ Full name “ contains such characters.

    In addition, the results found can be ordered on the basis of 2 criteria:
    • Ranking quarterly of the most downloaded the previous quarter (first discharged).
    • Last updated "date of the solution (first even more recently modified).
  • Form in directories partners . Enables search of projects, on the basis of keywords, in all directories that are associated with the federal/centre for Transfer of technology.
  • Solutions ... Facilitates access, simply and clustered, to the following different approaches to solutions. For example, by Technical Área Solutions could find all the necessary infrastructures and Common Services made available to other authorities to boost E-government.
  • Complete listing of Solutions . It will provide access to a complete listing of sorted alphabetically solutions since the form of solutions and since the sections “ solutions ”. The link is available at the top of the central area of the page.

To have an active user in any of the surrounding CTT you should expect first with a registered user in the PAe . The registration process must do it from " register ” present in the header.

If you want the profile “ A registered visitor of PAe public administrations ” should be provided during the registration process, that your profile is “ administration ”. The email address used should belong to a public administration.

Those responsible for the PAe monitored regularly the new high of user and shall pronounce “ profile of a registered visitor of the AAPP ” in proper cases.

In order to have a user account GITHUB you should just clicking the button “ Sign Up ” and fill in the application. Once approved will receive an email, stating that his caller is operational in GITHUB .

Each user can modify or update data with which you gave when registering entering the CTT-PAe with your username and clicking on the Configuration option "" available at the top right corner.

In this page you can edit the data, such as user's password, email address, etc.

Remember that it is particularly important to maintain updated your mail account, telephone and agency for which works.

See the Guide of publication and dismissal of assets , prepared within the scope of the National Scheme of Interoperability, for all the considerations and steps to make before proceeding to request registration with the solution: copyright and authorship, study, selection of components of the licence, preparation of the asset to the distribution, etc.

To proceed to the high of the solution in the environment CTT-PAe (directory solutions) simply, a user profile of “ registered visitor PAe of the AAPP ” should fill out the form available on " Registration of a solution "

When the solution is available you will be notified to the applicant in order to complete and fill in the rest of information related to the solution before going public.

Please note that both the request registration as a solution to the request registration becomes a project in the administrator. You can then configure new managers and project resolved.

In collaboration with provides a service through which AAPP will be able to make matters relating to free software and the dismissal of their solutions.

Firstly be request registration with a new solution in the reusable CTT in the field "Reason request" will indicate that it is also necessary in a repository GITHUB .

In the case that the solution has already exist in the CTT there will be the application of repository GITHUB CAID (Opens in new window) "href =" https :// "target =" _ blank "> through CAID(Opens in new window) .

Each of the CTT or repository GITHUB it is independent of all other solutions or repositories and managed entirely by the administrator the same (by default the user who applied for high).

The administrator of the solution or the repository is responsible for the generation of its contents, and the management and customization of the conduct of the tools we use, management of the friends of his solution or repository, etc.

That is, CTT offers the technological infrastructure and support on This the solutions or repositories but are the administrations responsible for them which manage completely autonomously and independently as deems it convenient for their solution or repository.

Only accessing a user with “ a registered visitor profile of the AAPP and since the ” Red SARA you will be able to access to these tabs of the solution.