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  1. International gathering of information security

    Broadcast from the parc des expositions de león can accommodate restricted audience. Broadcasting by streaming video for all virtual assistants.


    INCIBE the register to open 15ENISE the international meeting, information security

  2. City Dates Congress

    CAMP - Vyšehradská 51 prague (Czech Republic)


    The congress of data from the city of prague is organized by the municipal company Operátor ICT, responsible for the solutions of Smart City. The congress aims to publicize studies and to boost the networking in the data fields, urban and municipal coordination.

  3. Novagob 2021, congress of Public Innovation



    The next 28 and 29 october was held the 8th edition of this congress of public innovation. This year the format will be online through the virtual LAAAB (the laboratory of aragon (Government) Open)

    • Interadministrativa cooperation
    • Open government
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