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Secretariat-General for administration - SGAD Digital

The SGAD , with the rank of Under-Secretariat, and under the ministry of economic and Digital Transformation is mandated to promote the process of rationalization of information and communication technology in the area of the General state administration and its Agencies in the terms set out in the following Royal Decrees:

The The Secretary-General of Digital Administration it is:

  • The secretary of the plenary of the commission ict strategies.
  • El Presidente del Comité Ejecutivo de la Comisión de Estrategia TIC.
  • El Presidente del Comité de Dirección de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones.
  • The president of the sectoral Commission E-government.

The SGAD provides technical support to all those bodies.

International cooperation in carrying out a broad effort:

  • In the area of the european union: Committees, working groups and forums of the European Commission (Action Plan, Programme 2011-2015 ISA, Services directive and The Internal Market, projects CIP-LSP as STORK2, GEN6 and E-SENS) and the council of the eu (Working group of telecommunications and information society)
  • In the area not European union: Oecd, Latin America (RIMPE, CLAD FOLDING SLIDING DOOR, ECLAC), arrangement of mutual recognition of certificates of security of information technologies, international standardization, etc.
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