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Platform for the management of the educational system Andalusian

  • Indicators:
    • No. of system users: 802.859 (165.898 teachers and PAS and 63.6961 families).
    • Sales no. official/month electronically signed in 2010: 91.389.
    • No. applications submitted by Secretary 2010: Virtual 5,028 pupils.

    Functional description

    El sistema de información Séneca es el instrumento para la gestión telemática integral de los centros docentes, los servicios de apoyo a la educación, los programas y las actividades del sistema educativo andaluz, a través de la utilización de las TIC en un entorno seguro e integrado, favoreciendo un acceso igualitario de la población a los servicios educativos. Desde el functional Seneca, comprises the following modules:

    • Functional kernel modules : form the basis of the academic and administrative management from three approaches: students (management of their life cycle academic and administrative), institution (management, scheduling, curriculum, etc.) and personnel (teacher management in the centre).
    •   Support modules Education Policies : responden a la gestión y seguimiento derivados de la regulación de programas o iniciativas de políticas educativas específicas.
    •   Electronic administration modules Seneca: incorporating components of AE of JA as @firma telematic, Aries, the beijing platform for SCSP, Notary, corporate SMS Platform., etc. for the teletramitación administrative procedures.
    •   Virtual Secretariat modules : allows the students and families interact with the centre on-line, and the realization of administrative procedures.
    • Relationship modules telematics Centro-Familias (Pass): the alternative channel for communication and collaboration between the centres and families.
    • Architectural module : comprende la configuración, gestión de usuarios, funcionalidades de carácter general de navegación, gestión de datos y procesos.

    From organizationally the project was led by the senior leadership of counseling and DDGG involved in their development, and the technical team of maintenance is based on different working groups composed of civil servants and staff of collaborating companies.

    Technical Description

    With regard to the technological solution used open architecture (Java J2EE environment) and horizontal reutilizaron of AE (@Firma5, Aries, SCSP). The main virtues of the system are: access online (24 * 7 * 365), robustness, scalability, adaptability, design and funcionable exportability SÉNECA is. at the disposal of other educational AAPP through cooperation with the ministry of education.
    With regard to the implementation of the system, continued to be the following steps: definitions and evidence (2001-2003), deployment phase (2003-2004), consolidation (2004-2007) and continuous improvement (2007-2010).