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Platform of interoperability of the Balearic Islands

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    Functional description

    > Protocol SCSP: PINBAL implements the protocol SCSP (Replacement of certificates Paper) from the finance ministry and Public administrations.

    > multientidad Environment: each administration can manage their own users and procedures, as well as auditing its consultations.

    > Justifying of consultation: PINBAL emits a proof of consultation signed with a certificate of Body. This can be printed receipts and save the file as proof of the consultation.

    > Audits: PINBAL audited all consultations to both services such as intermediatos themselves. Each administration affixed will have an auditor user can consult them.

    > integration through web services: allows other applications consulting services available to PINBAL through the use of web services.

    > form design: allows to an administrator design forms for consultation for each service, so that facilitates the tasks of consultation of users delegates.

    > Statistics: allows to draw usage statistics by entity, grouped by services or procedures.

    Technical Description

    Technology: J2EE
    Database: ORACLE/PostgreSQL
    Application server: JBoss