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    Modernization of communications infrastructure, virtual private network attention service decentralized citizen, DMZ, project STANDARD and improvement of equipping the SAC.
    Target audience:
    Citizen any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Tortosa City
    Contact:, 977585881

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
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    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
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    The overall objective of the project has been to modernize communication infrastructures and Town Hall equipaments informàtics with the aim that this technological platform serve as a basis for the introduction of various's project aimed at improving information, care citizen participation and the development of the information society in the municipality of tortosa.

    In short the project is a necessary condition and prior to enable the implantation of improving services to citizens and inter-governmental collaboration.

    Regarding the improvement projects of service to the citizen, we want to highlight its importance and impact on the achievement of an administration closer to citizenship.  

    • project STANDARD: through collaboration agreement with the consortium of open administration of Catalonia (AOC), is intended to introduce electronic wheel between administrations. this way, and prior consent by the citizen, an administration may request electronically to another data padronales citizen. For this project provides a subsidy of the consortium of System Administration Dia de Catalunya (AOC).

    • decentralized SAC Project: to bring the administration presencial to citizenship in all the population centres existing in the municipality that have been detailed in explaining the territorial structure of the municipality. The realisation of this project must achieve avoid the realization of many trips to the headquarters mí by citizens of the different sections of the population. Naturally this project has other requirements, apart from those on communication infrastructures, as are those of internal reorganization of Public Service (SAC) and adaptation to the new reality.


    El objetivo general del proyecto ha sido modernizar las infraestructuras de comunicaciones y equipamientos informáticos del Ayuntamiento con la finalidad que esta plataforma tecnológica sirva de base para la implantación de diversos proyectos dirigidos a la mejora de la información, la atención ciudadana, la participación y el desarrollo de la sociedad de la información en el municipio de Tortosa.

    En resumen el proyecto que se presenta es una condición necesaria y previa para posibilitar la implantación de servicios de mejora al ciudadano y de colaboración interadministrativa.


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