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ACCESSES - headquarters and procedures Gestión-e

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    ACCESSES - citizens' access to the files of the administration - is a modular platform that integrates three main components: a sede-e; a complete manager for the electronic processing of files starting at the headquarters; and a tool for their administration and configuration, which includes a content manager headquarters and an editor of forms of their own.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user
    Installable product
    Network service insertable in customer applications


    You can request access to testing environment ACCESSES Demo, by completing the form that you will find in the url below: https: / / / help / consultation / accedademo , indicando en el campo Tipo: "Solicitud de acceso a acceda-demo".

    Access to this environment Demo requires connection to the network SARA.


    In general, for any enquiries or requests related to LOGIN:

    https: / / / help / consultation / accesses

    Type of Solution:
    Open source application
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Horizontal services for the AA.PP, electronic processing, management of services and systems, websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    EUPL (European Public License)
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    PHP, Web Services
    Operating system:
    Linux, Windows


    ACCESSES - citizens' access to the files of the administration - is a modular platform that offers so simple:

    1. An electronic headquarters and a complete content manager for its configuration.
    2. A manager of electronic administrative procedures, which includes since the start of files by the citizen / applicant until the issuance of subpoenas, notifications / communications, resolutions, etc. by the tramitador.
    3. A tool for creating and simple configuration of these procedures, with user management and editor of forms of its own.

    The structure of the platform ACCESSES can be seen in the next image.

    LOG structure


    Since the Sede-e, the citizen / Applicant ACCESSES can start their electronic records, consult your status (how is mine?), appear notifications / communications at headquarters and receive e-mail alerts to be informed about processing.

    The LOG files Tramitador allows users to agents a complete management of the processing of files, administrative silence, issue and manage requirements, send notifications and communications, manage the documentation associated with the file, refer it to other units, storing a file, etc.

    For its part, from your Seat and procedures, the administrator ACCESSES can create new processes or administrative procedures configuring the parameters of the same and designing forms of interaction with the citizen. Moreover, it will be able to manage all the content on with the electronic site, including notices, news, tools, interesting links, etc.


    Advantages of using ACCESSES

    ACCESS is designed for implementing fast and flexible different procedures belonging to an organism, thereby to improve the efficiency of the administrative procedures and removed the use of paper towards a true digital administration.

    Facilitates compliance with the citizen's right to interact electronically with the administration, in all its administrative proceedings and compliance with law enforcement agencies 39 / 2015.

    Indeed, aims to reduce the digital divide between agencies, offering a service that allows for the launch of its headquarters as well as electronic management of its administrative procedures, a quick way, with an effort reduced and at low cost.

    Your use allows the analysis of the different stages of the life cycle of a file which contributes to the improvement of procedures, application forms, streams of state and definition of models of resolutions.

    The application is designed so that its use is intuitive for both citizens as managers and agents.

    ACCESS is modular and flexible allowing you to set up and use or not most of the functionality according to the specific requirements of each agency: representation, storage, silence, edition of the application, processing statements, etc.

    Asimismo, la exportación de las funcionalidades vía servicios web facilita la integración con aplicaciones propietarias, tanto en el sentido de entrada, como de salida, gracias a la implementación de disparadores en procesos de gestión de expedientes.


    Modes of filling ACCESSES

    • Through distribution of the source code, for installation in units of the agency. If you are interested in this mode go to the source code of ACCESSES available in the downloads section.
    • Modelo Cloud o Servicio en la nube, alojado en las infraestructuras de la SGAD. Si está interesado en este modo, por favor, siga las instrucciones indicadas en el documento Guía de Alta ACCEDA en la Nube disponible en la sección de Descargas.


    Project co-financed with funds FEDERA


    01 March 2018

    AIREF makes use of the solution ACCESSES to its headquarters electronics Unshade accordion

    The Independent Authority of Fiscal responsibility (AIREF) mission is to ensure the sustainability of public finances, and ensure effective compliance by public administrations of the principle of budgetary stability reflected in the art. 135 Spanish Constitution.

    For the sake of compliance with the applicable regulations, the agency provides for a few months of an electronic Headquarters, which has been implanted supported on the horizontal solution LOG in its mode in the cloud . In this way, besides facilitating electronic relationship with the citizen (natural or legal persons), AIREF has a complete implementation for the handling of your files. In turn, the administrator of procedures of the solution, allows you to publish and configure new administrative procedures with your specific form of an easy way and without development.

    Electronic now has its headquarters in the cloud uses version 4.1 of ACCESSES. However, in the case of a Cloud service, the new features and improvements of ACCESSES join this instance regularly.

    Click on the following link to visit the Sede-e of AIREF (Opens in new window) .

    09 October 2017

    Version 3.6 of ACCESSES available for download under license EUPL Unshade accordion

    The platform ACCESSES – Headquarters and electronic Management procedures - is available to the AA.PP. that need it, as a service in the cloud or as a product installable infrastructures of the agency.

    For installation in infrastructures themselves, the source code for LOGIN is licensed under the EUPL so that, while respecting the conditions established in this, the entity that you download to evolve and / or adapt the horizontal solution to their specific needs, if required.

    Recently, has been made available in the Download area of the solution in this Portal of E-government (PAE) (Opens in new window) , a new pack with the source code for the version 3.6 of the platform, released under license EUPL v. 1.1. With multiple improvements, version 3.6 of ACCESSES includes as most prominent functionality, integration with the Payment gateway (Opens in new window) for the electronic payment of fees.

    03 August 2017

    New Headquarters electronic D.G. of the Civil Guard on LOGIN in the cloud Unshade accordion

    La D.G. de la Guardia Civil pone en marcha su nueva Sede electrónica, implantada sobre la instancia de ACCEDA MultiSede en la nube.

    Its new headquarters starts on the version 3.6. of ACCESSES that includes, like most remarkable functionality, integration with the payment gateway para el pago telemático de tasas. Con esta sede ACCEDA, la D.G. de la Guardia Civil puede poner a disposición de la ciudadanía nuevos trámites electrónicos, que antes se llevaban a cabo de forma presencial. Entre otros, la nueva sede incluye 28 procedimientos de licencias y autorizaciones de armas, explosivos, seguridad de instalaciones, cartuchería y pirotecnia, seguridad privada, etc.

    Note that, in turn, the Civil Guard is introducing another instance of ACCESSES in their infrastructure (LOGIN as a product), for the processing of internal procedures.

    To access the new headquarters of the D.G. of the Civil Guard, click here .

    22 March 2017

    The Institute CERVANTES chooses the ACCESS platform for the launch of its electronic site Unshade accordion

    ACCEDA nace con la finalidad de constituir un servicio o aplicación horizontal a disposición de todas las AA.PP. que, diseñada de forma modular, integra tres componentes principales: una sede electrónica; un gestor para la tramitación completa de los expedientes administrativos iniciados en la sede; y una herramienta para su administración y configuración, que incluye un gestor de contenidos y un editor/diseñador de formularios propio.

    ACCESS is offered as service in the cloud (ACCESSES Cloud), or as an open source solution to introduce in the infrastructure of the body concerned.

    D esde a few months ago, the Cervantes institute has an electronic headquarters and an application of processing in production, which has been introduced on an instance of ACCESSES Cloud .

    Recently, it has conducted updating this instance to Latest version of ACCESSES (v. 3.5) that, among other improvements, includes complete integration with the service Notific@, responsive and design of the electronic site.

    You can access the institute Sede-e Cervantes by clicking here .

    24 November 2016

    Integration of the platform ACCESSES with the service Notific@ Unshade accordion

    Another important features that incorporates version 3.5 of accesses, is the integration of the platform with the service Notific@. This integration allows for each administrative procedure defined and configured on LOGIN :

    1) Parameter Setting of shipping options: channel of notification - Sede-e ACCESSES and Citizen Folder; DEH compulsory; voluntary DEH / mailing, etc. -; days of delay for the provision through the DEH mailing or through; deadline for the expiry of notifications; organism issuer, etc.

    2) Reference to Notific@, since Management Module accesses, notifications that are issued as part of the processing of files (requirements, resolutions, other notifications or communications).

    3) Outstanding notifications management, reported and refused (explicitly or the deadline expiry of).

    4) Summons and access to the content of the notification, through the area of my notifications or My files of the Sede-e. Spread of changes in the state of notifications between ACCESSES and Notific@.

    28 October 2016

    New version of ACCESSES with design Responsive Unshade accordion

    ACCESSES evolves towards its version 3.5 which incorporates, among other developments, París design of the interface of electronic Headquarters module.

    Currently, the use of mobile devices for browsing the internet is experiencing steady growth. For this reason, it has carried out a redesign work and mainstreaming Responsive capacities, which allows the proper visualization of a Sede-e implemented with Accesses, regardless of the device that the citizen used in access (mobiles, tablets, etc.). It considerably improves the user experience, a website adaptable and flexible.

    The new version has been deployed recently in the instance of ACCESSES on which supports the Electronic headquarters of the state secretary of Public Administrations (SEAP). (Opens in new window)

    19 July 2016

    Updating the Sede-e UNED to version 3.0 of ACCESSES Unshade accordion

    The The UNED Sede-e already uses the latest version of LOGIN , having completed the update since version 2.5 to 3.0 .

    The UNED makes use of the platform ACCESSES as service in the cloud , which implements its Sede-e, and lets you have to turn a complete manager for the electronic processing of their files and the administration of its procedures.

    Version 3.0 of ACCESSES incorporates multiple news , among which are the following:

    • Nueva Bandeja de Entrada para tramitadores, con filtro por procedimiento, estado y ámbito
    • Posibilidad de traspaso de expedientes entre distintos ámbitos, por cambio de custodia o tramitación compartida
    • Link (association) of files
    • Improvements in the management of the administrative silence
    • Incorporación de resoluciones firmadas-e de forma externa a ACCEDA (como opción adicional a la firma de forma interna en ACCEDA o mediante remisión al Portafirmas)
    • Basic signature

    The Sede-e of UNED is accessible in the usual url ( https: / / / ).

    13 January 2014

    Release of the ACCESS code Unshade accordion

    The D.G. administrative modernization, procedures and Momentum of E-government liberates the sources of the application ACCESSES to facilitate its use by the AAPP

    Las fuentes de ACCEDA han sido liberados con licencia EUPL para permitir a las administraciones públicas receptoras la posibilidad de evolucionar o personalizar el producto.

    El código fuente e instrucciones de instalación se encuentran disponibles a través del proyecto ACCEDA en la Forja del CTT: (Opens in new window)

    05 October 2011

    New version - Accesses 2.0 Unshade accordion

    Acaba de ponerse a disposición de todas las administraciones interesadas la nueva versión de Acceda, el gestor de sede electrónico y tramitador electrónico desarrollado por el Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas.

    In the new version has been emphasised further the modularity of implementation, integration through web services and easy integration with different external subsystems individual organization. This way Accesses can be used as a whole, with its complete functionality, or specific modules can be used to resolve some defect or need another platform.

    Además, la mejora de la aplicación se basa en la experiencia recabada durante su uso en diferentes organismos como el propio Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones Pública con todas las Delegaciones y Subdelegaciones de Gobierno, el Ministerio de la Presidencia, el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, el Ministerio de Defensa, etc. Por lo tanto, se han contemplado números casos de uso muy diferentes entre sí.

    Some of the new features available highlighted in this new version are:

    Improvements in the management

    • Interconnection with external applications stop consumption of services or use by third applications.
    • Integration with the implementation PortaFirmas the ministry of finance and Public Administrations to send documents and resolutions to external PortaFirmas so that the top managers can perform all operations of signature in the same environment.
    • New management of resources (users, headers, templates, etc.) for administrators centralized management procedures.
    • Records management by natural or legal persons and contemplating the figures of applicant, represented or concerned.

    Improvements in the design

    • New design: more manageable, fast and easy to use the backend of processing.
    • Dynamic categories system for procedures both internal and external.
    • New personalization system of headers document.

    Technical Improvements

    • New version of framework MVC (Zend 1.11.1)
    • Use of a data model using ORM (Doctrine 1.2)
    • Centralization in the use of all files associated with files through configurable modules. Allows the use of external systems document management

    In the development of this version highlights that has also participated the foreign ministry for the development of some of these features.

    01 November 2010

    Accesses - Electronic Site - handling Procedures Unshade accordion

    The ministry of Territorial Policy and public administration launched its electronic headquarters last March using the application ACCESSES developed for this purpose by the crown based on systems LAMP (linux, apache, mysql and php). The use of open source products in these specific cases can be obtained free of charge allow its possible introduction in multiple agencies at a lower cost than other solutions.

    The ministry of Territorial Policy offers the code of your application to those agencies interested in use. Indeed, date of 1 March 2010, there have been requests for assignment of the application of several agencies (Ministry of Defence, Foreign ministry, IMSERSO and ministry of Presidency). Due to this demand, is thinking of mount an infrastructure that can support new requests for assignment of the application, so that even reaches the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS and the EELL.

    Access is currently installed and giving service in production, in addition to the crown of Territorial Policy and public administration, the ministry of presidency and in the Foreign ministry. Both IMSERSO as in the Defence ministry Accesses is expected to be installed soon, because in both agencies are doing the work of integration with their corresponding Registers and applications of its own management.


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