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Communication address change

  • Short Name:
    Unifies in a single process, updates that the citizen must do to communicate a new home to the agencies of all administrations.
    Target audience:
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Participating Agencies:
    Terrassa City
    Sabadell City
    Mataró City
    Network service insertable in customer applications
    Service in network to end user

    Focus integrators and Developers (CAID):

    Address: Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations
    Direction of information technologies and communication
    Att validation Platform and electronic signature
    (C/mary of Molina, 50 9th Pesetas.
    - 28071 MADRID
    Business hours from Monday to Thursday from 08:30 to 18:30 08:30 15:00 and Friday, and free of charge.


    Para comunicar una incidencia o solicitud de soporte al Centro de Atención a Integradores y Desarrolladores (CAID) rellene el Web form of opening of applications for technical support (Opens in new window)

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    Infrastructure or common service
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    Technical Area:
    Servicios horizontales para las AA.PP , Sitios web, sedes electrónicas y atención al ciudadano , Soporte a la tramitación electrónica
    Functional Area:
    Government and public Sector, regions and cities
    Not implemented
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    Within the framework of the action Plan eEurope 2005 set 20 basic services (12 for citizens and 8 for companies) with the aim of improving progress in the E-government committing, member countries to develop these services.

    Every year an 8% of the population is changed in home and must perform the following procedures: updating and renewal of DNI and passports, renew permission and driving licence of vehicles, updating of the home in the Tax Agency, communicate this change to the Autonomous Community for those services provided in function of the home (healthcare, choice of schools, etc) and pensioners must notify Social security. In short, several steps to update this home with different agencies and administrations.

    The ministry of finance and public administrations in collaboration with the Generalitat of Catalonia, addressed the development of a service, in order to facilitate all these procedures.

    To this end, the service for communicating the change of address groups all of these steps in a single communication that is done at his request from the municipality, at the time of high in the register of, or from the Portal to provide the service via Internet.


    El objetivo primordial del Servicio de Comunicación de Domicilio es facilitar al ciudadano los trámites que debe realizar, según la normativa vigente, debido a un cambio de residencia en la que está empadronado.

    Secondary objectives derivatives of the previous are:

    • The citizen provide a single point of access, comfortable and simple to perform the communication of the new home to agencies of administration.
    • Establish a system of confidence for the exchange of information securely between agencies and entities involved.
    • Collaborate with other administrations in the realization of procedures for providing a common service to the citizen.
    • Increase the quality of data and facilitate the processing of information for Managing units.
    • Improve the image of the administration.


    El Servicio de Comunicación Telemática de Cambio de Domicilio permite la comunicación del cambio de domicilio en un único punto, virtual o presencial de manera efectiva en todos los niveles de la Administración; Estatal, Autonómico y Local. Substituye varios trámites presenciales por un único trámite telemático aportando beneficios, tanto para los Ciudadanos como para la Administración.
    Las siguientes acciones se formalizan en la comunicación del cambio de domicilio:

    • Request by the citizen of the communication of the change of address. Can occur two scenarios:
      Processing in the municipality presencial . En el momento de empadronarse en el Padrón Municipal de Habitantes, el ciudadano puede solicitar la comunicación de su nueva dirección a los organismos que decida.
      to) the citizen voter registration according
      b) El funcionario le ofrece comunicar su nuevo domicilio a los organismos que el ciudadano desee (DGP, DGT, Agencia Tributaria…)
      (c) the citizen selects the bodies that are going to communicate their new home
      d) the official gives you a receipt with agencies that you have selected
      e) El ciudadano firma el recibo que se archiva en el Ayuntamiento
      (f) the officer asks for sending data
      Online process . El ciudadano hace la solicitud telemáticamente desde el portal web municipal, el Portal de la Comunidad Autónoma o el Portal 060 de la AGE posteriormente al alta en el Padrón Municipal de Habitantes
    • En el primer escenario el portal municipal envía al volante de empadronamiento (VE) firmado, en el segundo el portal prestador solicita la emisión del volante electrónico de empadronamiento formato XML firmado electrónicamente al Ayuntamiento
    • Comunicación del nuevo domicilio a los organismos destinatarios y envío del volante electrónico de empadronamiento. Para la comunicación a los organismos de la AGE se utiliza el Broker de Comunicación de Domicilio del MINHAP
    • Envío del volante electrónico de empadronamiento a los organismos y unidades administrativas destinatarias en el ámbito estatal (directamente desde el Broker de comunicaciones de Domicilio)
    • Update of the home by agencies and target administrative units
    • Confirmation of the communication of the change of address


    Requirements for agencies wishing to provide the service:

    • To be connected to the Administrative Extranet SARA
    • Connectivity with municipalities in the case of Autonomous Portals, Internet connection in the case of municipalities
    • Meet the specifications of “ replacement of certificates Paper ”
    • Para las CCAA y EELL, es necesario la firma de un convenio marco que se proporciona.


    • Prevent displacement of the citizen, reducing the time and expense in the communication of the new domiclio
    • Agility in the process of updating the home in agencies and avoid errors in the data.
    • A homogeneous service of “ communication address change in the administration "
    • Integration in the service of the main bodies of the AGE recipients of communications address change TGSS, DGP and DGT. MUFACE
    • Incorporation in the service of other regional and local administrations to give a acobertura 80% in 2010


    Benefits for citizens:

    • Comfortable, podent fulfil its obligations from anywhere at any time and in a single operation
    • Easy, with online help and possibility of communication to the selected agency
    • Fast, avoiding the delay between the time to update the list and the communication to government bodies
    • Positive experience, since the official acts as an intermediary to assist the citizen in the process

    Benefits for Administrations:

    • Eliminación del número de volantes que se dan al ciudadano para presentarlos antes otros organismos
    • Evitar desactualizaciones de los domicilios, con el consiguiente ahorro de costes por comunicaciones rechazadas
    • Guarantees the quality of data
    • Provides the service without the need for development
    • Statistics available


    12 August 2016

    Brokerage platform data services exceeds 70 Unshade accordion

    During the first half of 2016 has been exceeded 70 services available on the platform of intermediation of data.

    Highlight the influx of services of the institute Cervantes to consult the ability of asylum nationality, AEAT, keep abreast of Tax Liabilities for Recruitment with the public sector with generic defaults, without specific purpose, consultation of Fellow status of the ministry of education or consultation Shellfish operating permits Galicia currently offers and hope to extend to all the REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS with coast.

    Deserve special mention consultation services file Financial Titles, both by Intervening as Product. This file is the responsibility of the Secretariat of State of Economy and Support for the company, and will be the SEPBLAC (well Executive Service of Prevention of money laundering and offences monetary) the person responsible for processing. Services are in production since 5 May 2016.

    The Financial Titles file was implemented security measures of high level in application of the rules of protection of personal data. Will have access investigating judges, prosecutors, forces and the Security of the state, the CNI and AEAT. Have also been in preproduction services consultation DGT data of drivers, vehicle and documents of a vehicle. The entry into production will be the first fortnight of September.

    Les recordamos que for support requests through the center of attention to Integrators and developers (CAID) of MINHAP should use the url: https ://

    For more information, use the Portal - PAE E-government

    06 July 2012

    CAID forms Unshade accordion

    On 5 July has been updated version of WEB form of technical support request to CAID.

    Provides access to the same since the portal PAe-CTT through a link located in the section Related Links of the pages of common services and general information for each of the services to which supports the CAID. It can also be accessed through the link https ://

    Key developments:

    • Includes a prior registration of user in the system, in order to facilitate the creation of subsequent requests.
    • Se puede aportar información adicional a un caso ya abierto directamente a través del formulario, con el número de ticket, sin necesidad de enviar correo electrónico.
    • In the form's page with a link to the user manual to request technical support.
    04 March 2011

    Web Form of technical support request to CAID Unshade accordion

    • On 4 March production is a new channel for the opening of occurrences with the focus integrators and Developers (CAID). The usual channels of email and telephone joins the WEB form of technical support request, accessed from the portal PAe _ CTT through a link located in paragraph of contact that appears on the tab of General information service.
    • This form contains the data needed to open a support request: name of the agency, contact person (name, surname, telephone and email address), environment affected, text field in which describe the user's requirements and three more fields that allow append files with additional information such as ACL ’ s, Log ’ s, etc … the application is processed by pressing the button “ email ”.
    15 February 2010

    Service broadcast address change Unshade accordion

    It has created a promotional video communication service of change of address. You can see the full version in: (Opens in new window)

    And the short version subtitled in (Opens in new window)

    The service is also available with European Digital Certificate (STORK) (Opens in new window)

    15 February 2010

    The city council of Vallbona Population is already integrated Unshade accordion

    The city council of Vallbona Population is already integrated into the service for communicating the change of address and allows its citizens notify when have been recorded.

    19 February 2008

    Available communication of home and INSS TGSS Unshade accordion

    Through the service of communication address change can notify your new address to the General Treasury of Social security (TGSS) and the National Institute of Social security (INSS)

    20 November 2007

    The service of change of address expands Unshade accordion

    The citizen, since the 060, you can communicate the change of domiclio more agencies: Tax Agency, General direction of Police, MUFACE. And at the end of 2007 will be integrated Treasury of Social security, National Institute of Social security and General Direction of traffic.


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    You can consult the data protection policy of PAe and CTT in its legal notice

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