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Action Plan for the implantation of electronic administration in the Balearic Islands in accordance with the Law 11/2007

  • Indicators:
    • Nº de applications available in the comprehensive platform for administration: 10.
    • Nº de local entities where is implanted some component of the Plan ANIBAL: 66 72.
    • Nº de administrative procedures inventory of councils: 166.

    Functional description

    The Plan ANIBAL is the instrument of the AAPP of the Balearic Islands to achieve maximum results, with a minimum cost and in the shortest term in the implementation of the tools for exercising the right of citizens a relacionarse electrónicamente con las AAPP, tal y como reconoce la Ley 11/2007 (LAECSP).

    From the standpoint functional, the Plan establishes the realization of a whole activities , entre las que cabe destacar el desarrollo normativo, el catálogo de procedimientos, la revisión de los procedimientos, la difusión del Plan o la gestión del cambio; así como la provision of a technological platform by means of a set of components that implement specific functionalities, link between them and that are based on free software licenses.

    From the point of organizationally established a Technical Office of E-government (OTAE) that has made the Plan and executed some of the common tasks. Furthermore, the various administrations (CBTIC) who carried out the Plan liberated components that were made and/or developed the required, and make them reach the OTAE, which in turn put them available to the rest of public administrations.

    From the point of operationally , the realization of the plan is based on the coordination of administrations that comprise the CBTIC, while the execution was coordinated with the vast majority of administrations performing a role in aspects arising from the e-administración.

    Looking ahead , the evolution of the passes Plan to establish a stable structure management of the different components and tasks created, as well as continue their implantation in new AAPP.

    Technical Description

    In relation to the technological platform , is formed by the following components : la interfaz de la administración con los ciudadanos SISTRA, el gestor de expedientes Helium, el gestor de contenidos de la información administrativa ROLSAC, el Registro entrada/salida, el módulo de seguridad IB-Key, el Portafirmas, la plataforma de pago de tasas, el módulo de interconexión de registros, la aplicación para la gestión de las actas y los decretos y la plataforma de interoperabilidad.

    The implementation of the Plan according to the following phases and temporary duration: implementation of the Plan (5 months), policy development (3 months), catalogue of procedures (6 months), release and development of components (18 months) and coordination of administrations (24 months).

    In relation to the reuse of project most of the components that make up the technological platform are released or are going to liberate under license GPL and/or EUPL while the results of the Plan organisational tasks are open to reuse under Creative Commons licence.

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