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Corporate files manager open source

  • Indicators:
    • Implantado en el Govern de les Illes Balears, Consell de Mallorca y 4 ayuntamientos.
    • Today 5 departmental files from different DGs of production Probabilitats on this platform.

    Functional description

    The initiative HELIUM está enfocada al desarrollo de un gestor de expedientes corporativo de código abierto, integrado con la infraestructura tecnológica actual y los servicios de gestión corporativos preexistentes .

    The main stages followed in the implantation have been:

    • Adaptation to the technological standards our organization.
    • Integration with the existing corporate systems (authentication and digital signature, processing system, manager of documents, etc …).
    • Introduction of new functionalities non-existing in the early versions of the product.

    From the standpoint functional, the tool allows Helium shape administrative procedures and make the execution of flow of files to allocate the tape to perform each responsible .

    From the point of view organizational in the project identifies three types of players, those responsible for the administration, those responsible for the development and deployment of procedures and users involved in the processing, which in turn will have different profiles according to their responsibility within each procedure.

    Some Bodies collaborators in the project were the Consell of Mallorca Island (Assignment first version) and Fundació IBIT (Transfer to other institutions).

    From the point of view operation , those responsible for accessing procedures and execute your to-dos that correspond with the procedures that must be carried out within the files. To execute a procedure the file moves to the next task by creating the corresponding to its maintainer.

    Technical Description

    The technological solution is based on a web application developed with technology J2EE, based on the JUNIOR workflow engine.
    As intiative associated stresses the reuse of file manager recruitment of Mallorca Island Consell.
    Likewise, has been released the code under license GPLv2.

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