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Citizen folder

  • Start date Production:

    09 / 02 / 2016

    Functional description

    The Folder Ciudadana simplifies the relationship of citizens with public administrations by internet, to facilitate access to your information in the power of the administration, to submit a request and / or writing without knowing the competent body, or access the different locations where you can handle e without the need to know their addresses or navigate through each of them.

    The main features are:

    • Without prior registration of user. To access through the system Cl@ve, the citizen accesses your folder with your information.
    • Always up to date. Citizen folder does not store information. The information is in the different electronic headquarters and consultation in real time and at the request of the citizen.
    • Customizable. It allows you to customize prominent favorites or services so that we may have always available. It adapts to different access devices, tablets, smartphones, pc,....
    • Scalable.

    Technical Description

    Citizen folder has been designed as an interoperable system:

    • Use common systems and horizontal as tools for the provision of citizens of your information.
    • Where possible avoids the need for scientific developments in public administrations.
    • Allows the federation of Folders with public administrations that already have its Folder.
    • Use Cl@ve and its Single Sign On to the citizen does not have to be identified in each seat-mail who accesses.


    Thus, Citizen Folder makes use of:

    For the consultation of the state of the files has been defined a specific interface whose definition can be found in the Download area .


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General access point