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Quality Plan, standardisation and normalisation of the ministry of Culture

  • Start date Production:


    • Nivel de satisfacción del usuario. Un factor subjetivo pero que puede medirse mediante encuestas o pequeños formularios con el usuario final.
    • Tiempo utilizado para cambio de versiones correctivas del software. El tiempo entre versiones de aplicación software por cambios correctivos debe aumentar ya que el objetivo es mejorar en la detección de errores.
    • Level of growth in the database of knowledge. The size of our database of knowledge certifies the experience in the management, administration, maintenance and attention to users.

    Functional description

    Technical Description


    For the technical description of the project includes the Methodological Guide of phase II (Opens in new window) (available in the Area tab downloads from the project) detailing all the steps to make deliveries of software for its launch on production systems:

    This guide provides the method and mechanisms necessary for the implementation of software systems in the ministry of culture. Defines minimum requirements that must meet the application, established standards for their maintenance and upgrade. The goal is to have a guide of steps to update software products den direct service to end users.


    It has used the interface of quality management of the model METRICA-3 as the basis for the interaction of all processes of quality, and sometimes it refers to the CMM model.

    También se tienen en cuenta los estándares de documentación y calidad ISO 9126 y 25000.

    However it has tended to seek standards and ways of working practices that allow a level of depth and more customization, adapted to the work of the ministry of Culture, integrated in different phases that allow the continuous improvement of the quality with minimum impact on all departments linked.

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