PAe - new version of the alignment Tab in Spain interoperability in NIFO
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New version of the alignment Tab in Spain interoperability in NIFO

24 March 2017

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La Comisión Europea ha actualizado la ficha de España en el observatorio europeo NIFO sobre alineamiento con el Marco Europeo de Interoperabilidad.

En el plano teórico se apunta que el alineamiento es completo en relación con la ‘gobernanza’, los ‘principios’ y los ‘acuerdos de interoperabilidad’; y casi completo con el ‘modelo conceptual’ y los ‘niveles de interoperabilidad’. Mientras que en el plano de implementación y monitorización se reconocen múltiples ejemplos de aplicación práctica de ambos aspectos.

The Observatory national frameworks of interoperability, NIFO has developed an analytical model oriented to show the status on interoperability of 32 European countries; the model includes a new tool that allows the comparative analysis of the situation of several countries.

Work on the study of the status of interoperability in Europa have led other results to a new version of the tab analysing the alignment of Spain under European Framework of interoperability since the prospects theoretical and implementation and monitoring.

En primer lugar, en cuanto a la perspectiva teórica, España muestra, según la tab , a full alignment with the European Framework of interoperability in terms of the ‘ governance ’, the ‘ principles, ’ and the ‘ ’ interoperability agreements; and almost complete in terms of ‘ conceptual model ’ and the ‘ levels of interoperability ’.

Secondly, with regard to the prospect of implementing the sign on notes that the alignment is complete and recognizes multiple examples of practical application in all dimensions.

Thirdly, analysis from the perspective of monitoring the tab shows that can be all dimensions and stresses in the examples the Observatory of electronic administration OBSAE

The tab check in detail the relationship between the National schema interoperability with the European Framework of interoperability with references to the technical standards for interoperability and common infrastructure and services such as SARA network and its link with the European network TESTEN , Electronic DNI , Interface , SIA , the platform for validation of electronic signature @Firma , Network system SIR Records , Single window EUGO , Payment gateway , Technology transfer centre CTT , Observatory of E-government the portal and reuse of public sector information datos.gob.es

Our country is prominently, as can be verified through the aforementioned NIFO analytical tool, thanks to the previous proceedings elaborated in the light of the state of the art and the main referents on interoperability from the European Union of the national and international standardization, as well as similar actions in other countries, bearing in mind that our common infrastructure and services are systematically liaison with equivalent instruments in the European area.

The Observatory national frameworks of interoperability ( NIFO – National Interoperability Framework Observatory ) is an action of ISA2 program (Opens in new window) that tracks by European countries of the following issues:

  1. The main activities on interoperability.
  2. The national interoperability framework.
  3. Alignment with the European Framework of interoperability .
  4. Other initiatives on interoperability.

For each country produces a tab from the analysis of the corresponding interoperability framework and activities relating through an analytical model which aims to show the state of the art.

  • Administrative cooperation
  • Interoperability
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