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Integrated management system of staff

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    The integrated management system of staff (SIGP) is a service that provides a platform for the integral management of human resources of the General administration of the state, covering the needs of staff member and employment. Allows the complete processing of electronic file, including the documentary management, electronic signature and interaction between agencies and dependent units. The system enables communication between the different actors involved in a file; civil servants, responsible for functional units and human resource managers, through accesses housed in the portal Works.
    Target audience:
    Agencies Responsible:
    Ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation
    Secretariat of digitization status and Artificial intelligence
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Service in network to end user

    https ://

    The service SIGP has two distribution lists to publicize the latest developments on the system:

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Human resources management
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:


    The project SIGP (integrated management system of staff) is developed by the General Office applications and general services, belonging to the General Secretariat of administration Digital, and has as its main objective to provide a working tool for human resource managers of the General administration of the state. The project has succeeded in centralized management procedures on a single application, offering integrated agencies final service accessible from the browser without the need to own infrastructure or maintenance. In addition to the above the system adapts to technological developments steadily, not requiring specialized support by the user units. All this with a high availability and robustness in a safe environment of execution.

    Contributing to the digitization of the administration and the fulfilment of the objectives of rationalisation in public spending, the integrated management system is a key element in the strategy of the AGE, aspiring to become the application comes in the field of human resources. It ensures, therefore, a quality service to the user with adaptations dynamic to policy changes allowing a processing befitting the law in each moment.

    Today (January 2020) account with the following procedures:

    Generic -Anotaciones

    -Autorización compatibility with public activity

    - Recognition of compatibility for private activity

    - Registration of Organs of representation (union Permissions)

    Files -tramitación modification of RPT (personnel and work)

    Arena, selective and appointment of officials in practices and career bodies and general scales of the General administration of the state

    -Reingreso to active duty of staff and general scales of the General administration of the state

    -Autorización de comisiones de servicios con cambio de departamento o fuera del ámbito de una Comunidad Autónoma

    Project -autorización convening merit competitions

    -Emisión of certificates of merit

    -Autorización of postponements of termination in competitions

    -Traslados por motivos de salud o rehabilitación del funcionario, cónyuge o hijos

    -Autorización strength of shifts

    -Regularización administrative situations

    Staff -Reingreso labour

    Functional -Movilidad permanent disablement labour total staff

    -Convocatoria y resolución de concursos de traslados interdepartamentales de personal laboral

    -Autorización de proyectos de convocatoria de concursos departamentales de personal laboral

    -Jubilación voluntaria en el régimen de clases pasivas y Seguridad Social para los cuerpos y escalas generales de la Administración General del Estado (Personal funcionario)

    Departmental -Jubilaciones

    Internal service -Comisiones a ministry

    - Recognition of trienniums

    Administrative situations shift

    -Suspensión of functions (personnel and work)

    Staff -Ceses officer

    -Tomas personal possession of official

    -Altas and low labour staff

    Services of general staff officer previous

    Services of general labour

    Plugin general Director-General Destination

    - Recognition of Degrees

    A series of merit (personnel and work)

    -Convocatorias appointees

    -Concesión and denial of permits and licenses (including inability)

    Management of the annual training Plan

    The annual Plan -management Social action

    An extension of the active service

    Performance assessment

    Service -COSMO-Comisiones Official Mission

    Temporary -Adscripciones labour

    - A follow up of indicators (and absenteeism RECONCILED)

    -Management of users

    You can consult the catalogue expanded procedures in the following link:

    https :// 20de% 20los% 20procedimientos% 20de% 20SIGP% 20Marzo% 202019% 20.pdf


    La interacción con la aplicación se puede realizar de las siguientes formas:

    1. From the network SARA, via the menu My RRHH services ( https :// ), link hosted likewise in Works.
    2. Desde internet, para algunos procedimientos, también a través del menú Mis Servicios de RRHH accediendo por https :// .


    Managers and users will be identified by Authenticates and signatures will be in an own portafirmas. It interacts with common services such as Conservationists, Notifies, Inside, Nedaes or brokerage Platform (PID) so that administrative procedures are conducted Entirely in SIGP, so Agile, quick and minimizing maximize administrative burdens and processing.

    In order to introduce and improve the use of this tool, are offered regular trainings, advertised in the Space of the portal SIGP works, open to interested agencies in the knowledge of the tool.


    07 August 2020

    New publication Knowledgement SIGP procedures (August 2020) Unshade accordion

    There have published the following Knowledgement of the application, along with the performance of improvement on the reference material available for human resource managers:

    • Generic annotations:

    Massive burden of files from excel

    • Merit:

    Sending to public function for authorization of the contest

    • Common generic:

    Generic consultations

    Post management

    • Suspension of Functions:

    Suspension of functions


    Access is available through the link:

    https ://

    22 July 2020

    New publication manuals SIGP procedures (July 2020) Unshade accordion

    In recent days have been published the following the application manuals, along with the performance of improvement on the material available for users and managers of Human resources:


    • Certificate of merit:

    Manual of certificate of merit (Managers)

    Access: https :// e9fcdaa8-8235-4814-aeb9-e5bc925fe8a3/Manual% 20Certificado% 20de% 20M% C3% A9ritos% 20-% 20Gestor _ 17.pdf


    Manual of certificate of merit (Applicants)

    Access: https :// _ SUN _ certificate% 20de% 20M% C3% A9ritos _ 10.pdf


    11 July 2020

    New update the version of SIGP in production (July 2020) Unshade accordion

    Day 9 July 2020 has made the last climb to production SIGP system which have undertaken work of improvement and implementation of new functionalities, the most noteworthy:


    Enlarges the portal connection with SIGP SONG to add the register of other types of processing documents from portal: withdrawals, remedies, allegations, …

    Has been included the possibility to move to state cancelled a document that was previously annotated RCP. The cancellation will be compulsory requirement to send to annotate a resolution Supersedes another preview.

    Including fields in the query DIR3 translated from post and in the query translated unit.

    On the screen of “ documents stored ” associated with files SIGP in procedures with generation of registration documents, has been added field with information from the “ ticket ” associated with the shipment notation through AnotaRCP.

    We have incorporated the Generic Annotations procedure to the option “ pending ” validation, so that the files displayed procedure mentioned in the list of pending cases of validation if they are in this state.

    Internet Portal SIGP

    Added new functionalities of Social action and training for Internet portal of SIGP that is located on the site Works. With this new feature will allow applications of social action and training towards departmental plans starting the same via the internet.

    Generic Annotations procedure

    Se incorpora funcionalidad de gestión masiva de expedientes en el procedimiento de Anotaciones genéricas de SIGP, de forma que ciertas acciones sobre el expediente; generación de documentos, paso a validación, envío a firma, envío a anotación, notificación o finalización, se puedan realizar a la vez sobre un conjunto de expedientes seleccionado.

    Is embedded in the procedure the possibility of loading Excel with employees to generate requires registration documents, creating a generic annotations file basic management SIGP massive, as can be the burden of attending a training course for the generation of mass F10R/L7R.

    File Download procedure SIGP

    Add as download files SIGP menu options offered by BADARAL:

    • Downloading Data (person, post, unity)
    • Download RPT (txt and Excel)
    • Download RPTL (txt and Excel)

    Procedure of issuing certificates of Merit

    Improvement in the report Excel of exploitation of files to include the date of the resolution of the certificate.

    Annual management procedure of the training plan

    Improvement in accessibility to information presented with regard to shipments notation on the grounds of rejection. Improvements in the notices that gives the application during management.

    Incorporates new columns to reports “ obtain data of applications ” and “ List of applications ”.

    Update has been made annotation statements for documents sent to annotate above the passage of SIGP to AnotaRCP in the procedure for Training.

    Departmental Retirements procedure

    Includes improvement for adjusting the pension system according to the body and the date of entry into the same, with exceptional treatment for personnel belonging to body of Labour Deputy - Scale Employment and Social security.

    Recognition procedure Destination plugin General Director

    Se habilita la posibilidad de indicar diferentes cargos ocupados para diferentes periodos de tiempo tanto en la solicitud de portal como en el expediente de gestión.

    Procedure for the recognition of Trienniums

    Behavior of the revised functionality for retrieving the value of the transitional plugin seniority if has been included in a file.

    11 July 2020

    New publication Knowledgement SIGP procedures (July 2020) Unshade accordion

    Following with the performance of improvement and updating the Knowledgement of integrated management system of staff was published the exposed below:


    • Merit:

    High Commission Items

    High jobs and including Accepted

    • Recognition CD of General Manager:

    Recognition of Plugin destination of General Manager

    • Generic:

    Cancels and sustituye-deser-cancelación in Register

    • Common generic:

    General Options

    The employee consultation Information

    Employee management


    Access to the Knowledgement is available through the link:

    https ://

    15 June 2020

    New update the version of SIGP in production (June 2020) Unshade accordion

    On 11 June 2020 has made the last climb to production SIGP system which have undertaken work of improvement and implementation of new functionalities and resolved incidences, the most noteworthy:

    Adaptations to the IV covenant of Employees At work:

    As transversal improvement in the system has been carried out adaptation of all procedures that offers SIGP to conform to IV covenant of Employees work in applications from the Portal as in the screens and documents of the different procedure of the application of users managers.

    Adaptation to sending through AnotaRCP registration documents :

    It has integrated the sending of registration documents towards central registry staff with the functionality AnotaRCP for those documents integrated yet, so that all types of registration documents of SIGP is available to delegated offices directly into the register, replacing this way offices SIGP delegates.

    Los procedimientos que se han actualizado para completar esta integración han sido: Altas y Bajas de personal Laboral (L1R, L2R, L3R, L12R, L13R, M3R), Anotaciones genéricas (F21R, F29R, L21R, L16R, L21R), Ceses de Personal Funcionario (F4R), Reconocimiento de Servicios Previos (F9R, L6R), Tomas de Posesión de Personal Funcionario (F2R, F5R, M2R) y el documento transversal DESER.

    Common generic:

    Has been included field value DIR3 associated with a unit in consulting options translated of unity and consultation translated from the post.

    Generic Annotations procedure:

    It implements simplification in the processing of registration documents by providing the procedure of a file-based management SIGP, with greater flexibility in the selection of post, control of compulsory fields for documents, visibility of retired employees and improvement of the search filter of annotations.

    Evaluation procedure of performance:

    Be solved incidence associated with non-display of descriptions of the objectives in the evaluation questionnaires.

    Procedure for managing the annual training Plan:

    It implements new functionality of mail in the reminders of evaluation of training sessions.

    Is optimized the burden of the screen of the link 'Entries' para poder gestionar mayor número de inscripciones. Se optimiza la tramitación de los documentos registrales F10R/L7R, con generación simultánea y control de estados en relación a la firma y envío a anotación. Se ha solucionado la incidencia en la gestión de anotaciones masivas.

    Se incluyen mejoras en la gestión de formación con distintas provincias (rol de Coordinador de Formación), que podrá inscribir alumnos directamente en las sesiones de cursos definidos con la check 'management by provinces' and also in the sessions have given access from SSCC. Modifies the option to manage priorities by province to allow are loaded the courses whose applications are in certain states and have been prioritised since SSCC. This option will be the button from the list of applications for prioritise from the provinces.

    Management procedure RPT:

    Is carried out the modification of the file format BADEX txt to xml.

    Se incorpora funcionalidad que permite la actualización de información de los puestos vigentes tras haber sido incluidos en el expediente con anterioridad.

    Registration procedure of Union Rights (ROR):

    New features are available for generating union permit applications through the Portal SIGP based on security S.G. managed by the working relations.

    Se implementa comunicación entre Función Pública y Ministerios para la gestión de peticiones de informe y resolución en el flujo de tramitación de una dispensa total.

    SIGP is permitted in that a person may be Electoral Representative and has a total exemption table with credit/Subcommittee delegate, as well as the possibility of registering up to 140 hours of credit whenever a type (between credit received and assigned).

    Se soluciona incidencia en la cancelación de cesión de crédito RE o DS.

    Readmissions procedure:

    Se ha activado la funcionalidad de Reingresos Departamentales para Cuerpos no adscritos a Función Pública.

    Method of suspension of Functions:

    Is available in the production suspension procedure of functions, integrated with AnotaRCP , que permite la gestión de expedientes con documentos registrales de anotación de sanciones (F11R, L9R), cancelación/anulación de sanciones (F12R, L10R) y anotación de suspensiones (F13R, L11R), tanto para personal funcionario como personal laboral.

    15 June 2020

    New publication Knowledgement and manuals SIGP procedures (second week June 2020) Unshade accordion

    Within the performance of improvement and updating the Knowledgement and manuals of integrated management system of staff are available to human resource managers and users of the application which are outlined below:



    • Generic annotations:

    Generic annotations

    • Merit:

    High - Pending Jobs

    Application of Competition from Portal

    • Commission of Services:

    Opening of file


    Access to the Knowledgement is available through the link:

    https ://



    • Extension of the Active Service:

    Extension of the Active Service

    Practical Guide for extension from active service


    Access to the manuals are available via the link:

    https ://

    08 June 2020

    New publication Knowledgement and manuals SIGP procedures (June 2020) Unshade accordion

    There are embarking on service SIGP a series of extensions and updates of the Video-Tutorials and manuals that already offer managers and validators in order to maximize the knowledge about the application and facilitate the use of the system.

    Durante la primera semana de Junio se han actualizado los que se exponen a continuación:




    • Merit:

    Introduction Competitions

    High merit

    High Exclusions

    High Tiebrake criteria

    • Registration of Union Rights (ROR):

    ROR reports


    Access to the Knowledgement is available through the link:

    https ://




    • Departmental service commissions:

    Manual service Commissions Departmental

    Manual Service commission Dependent RRHH Departmental

    Manual Servicio-PORTAL commissions

    • Training:

    Rápida-diseño guide training Plan

    Training rápida-flujo guide

    • Recognition of Trienniums:

    Recognition of Manual Trienniums (RR.HH units)

    Quickguide Triennium recognition

    • Suspension of Functions:

    Manual of Suspension of functions


    El acceso a los Manuales se encuentra disponible a través del enlace:

    https ://

    26 May 2020

    New publication Knowledgement SIGP space Unshade accordion

    Se ponen a disposición de los gestores y validadores de procedimientos en SIGP los nuevos Videotutoriales:


    • Ups and downs of Labour Staff:

    High and low Labour staff

    Ups and downs of Labour Staff (massive Processing)


    • Generic annotations:

    Generic annotations


    • Cessations:


    Cessations (massive Processing)


    • Merit:

    High of posts via Portal (Manager)

    High Convocatòria Contest


    • Generic:

    File download SIGP

    Sending to Unit responsible and notification to Unit Under

    Download for NEDAES SIGP


    • Selective processes:

    Request for Selective puestos-Procesos (General Corps officials)


    • Registration of Union Rights (ROR):

    High Electoral Result

    High Electoral Representative

    High Union Delegate

    Union Delegate assignment

    Electoral Representative assignment

    Credit management Hours Delegated Table

    Portal high Request

    Waiver request Report


    • Shots of possession of Personnel:


    Inauguration (Massive Processing)


    Access to the Knowledgement is available in space SIGP, through the link:

    https ://

    08 April 2020

    Updated version of SIGP in production in the month of April 2020 Unshade accordion

    Day 6 April 2020 has made the last climb to production SIGP system in which have been implemented new functionalities and resolved occurrences, being the most notable:

    Adaptations IV labour convention :

    Se ha adaptado la Base de Datos de SIGP con las tablas y campos correspondientes para acoger la migración a SIGP del Registro Central de Personal al IV Convenio de Empleados Laborales.

    Annotations by web services (Recorded) towards Central Registry of staff:

    Los procedimientos de Cambio de Situación Administrativa, Reconocimiento de Grado y Reconocimiento de Servicios Previos realizarán su envío a anotación a través de Anota, no estando ya disponibles estas anotaciones en las oficinas delegadas como usuarios de SIGP.

    File downloads:

    Se han hecho visibles dentro de los ficheros de descargas a aquellos empleados jubilados o con situaciones administrativas como "Servicios Especiales o Excedencia por cuidado de familiares", y se ha incluido como dato en la tabla de unidades el campo DIR3.

    Generic module Common:

    Has been included new state of file annotation “ Rejected ” in all procedures with management and annotation of registration documents, for cases in which was rejected delegated office document.

    Se ha habilitado la selección de varias unidades dentro del filtro en los Informes/Consultas Genéricas. Asimismo, se ha implementado la recuperación de información de los empleados en su consulta traducida aunque tengan una sola actividad laboral y ésta se encuentre cerrada.

    Improvements have been made to the option of Consultation of posts, to include the total number of records, elimination of the limit of 300 records, as well as to filter by state of the post.

    Temporary Secondments procedure:

    Has been changed the format of the registration documents incorporating an organizational structure of 4 levels for posts. Furthermore, has expanded the field of resources and updated the format of the Rules of Signature.

    Generic Annotations procedure:

    Solventadas incidencias en la anotación de documentos DID, DPR, L17R sobre extranjeros.
    Option is enabled re-envío notation of the same document rejected by mistake.

    Procedure and deletions Labour Staff:

    Functionality is enabled for the registration (M3R) labour clerk teaching or outside RPTL. In the registration would send the characteristics of the job for its creation in RCP.

    Stoppages procedure Personnel:

    Opens up again the possibility of sending massive notation registration papers M2R (Acting registration or eventual). For these inscriptions has been added in the file new field ‘ Locality of birth of the employee ’ , dato obligatorio en la inscripción del que a veces no se dispone en registro central de personal (RCP). Se cargará por defecto con el valor que provenga de RCP y se podrá informar para los casos en los que no haya valor.

    Commissions procedure Service:

    Is optimized performance for the detailed report of files, also facilitating download as file.

    Procedure of issuing certificate of merit:

    To facilitate the processing of certificates loading courses since RCP will be held in reverse chronological order, placing first educational activities most recent, has introduced new options in the initial search filter.

    Management procedure of the annual Plan of Social action:

    Se han llevado mejoras en la presentación del listado de ayudas no concedidas.

    Procedure of Selective process management:

    Updated the portal manuals request of squares in processes selective. Embedded warning messages of automatic commencement of portafirmas in sending of application of squares.

    Retirements procedure:

    Has been changed the calculation of the compulsory retirement age, taking into account the legally established and delayed each year.

    Procedure for extension of the Active Service:

    Se han implementado mejoras en el envío a anotación para la modalidad de tramitación masiva. Asimismo, se ha implementado la posibilidad de generar un F28R para empleados que estén en Servicios Especiales y en el caso de personal en situación no activa se ha habilitado la posibilidad de asociación de puesto.

    Procedure for the recognition of Trienniums :

    Se habilita la posibilidad de añadir un puesto para el expediente si no se carga automáticamente, o cambiar respecto a que carga de registro, para poder cubrir los casos de empleados en excedencia por cuidado de hijos, o aquellos en los que debido a una anotación de toma de posesión se está cargando el último puesto asociado al empleado en lugar del puesto en el que se ha de realizar el reconocimiento.

    Readmissions procedure:

    Se han implementado mejoras en la independencia de sesión entre gestores.

    Previous service recognition :

    Improvements have been implemented and corrected incidences in the issuing of documents and associations of post/employee.

    08 April 2020

    New guide for processing procedures between units in departmental Unshade accordion

    It puts at the disposal of managers a new guide on the process of communication between units of human resources, records management in scope of periphery departmental procedures as follows:

    • Generic annotations
    • High and low labour staff
    • Certificate of merit
    • Personal stoppages officer
    • Possession of sockets staff member
    • Recognition of trienniums
    • Recognition of degrees
    • Previous service recognition
    • Recognition of destination Plugin
    • Extension management services
    • Change management status
    • Management of licenses, permits and disability
    • Suspend management functions

    El documento completo se encuentra accesible en la siguiente dirección electrónica:


    https :// b8f11bc3-38d8-4fd2-81d9-29a6f85b6f9b/Tramitaci% C3% B3n% 20entre% 20unidades% 20en% 20procedimientos% 20departamentales _ v1.pdf

    16 March 2020

    Ampliación de Códigos CIE-10 en la última subida a producción de SIGP del mes de marzo de 2020 Unshade accordion

    En la última subida a producción del sistema SIGP del día 10 de marzo del año 2020 se han ampliado los Códigos de Clasificación Internacional de Enfermedades (CIE-10) incluyendo los factores que influyen en el estado de salud y contacto con los servicios (Códigos Z) y que son utilizados para la Comunicación Electrónica de Partes de Incapacidad Temporal en los expedientes gestionados mediante la aplicación.

    29 January 2020

    SIGP classroom training sessions during the month of February 2020 Unshade accordion

    Go to conduct training sessions of some SIGP procedures during the week from 17 to 21 February 2020, for central services and Madrid.

    Se muestran a continuación los cursos que se van a impartir en las instalaciones de la SGAD, calle Manuel Cortina 2:

    • RE-ENTRIES - 5 hours (Common Generic includes)
    • GESTIÓN IT's - 2.5 hours

    Those interested in attending departments may propose a maximum of 2 people per session, which should complete its request via the option of training within "My RRHH services (SIGP)", on the portal works, which is accessed via the link:

    https ://

    In order to successfully complete the registration have to choose the Plan "SPECIFIC PLAN SIGP - February 2020".

    14 January 2020

    Updated version of SIGP in production Unshade accordion

    Con fecha 9/1/2020 se ha actualizado la versión de SIGP en producción con el fin de resolver incidencias e incluir mejoras. Entre las más destacables se encuentran las actuaciones sobre el Portal Autoservicio de SIGP y los módulos de Compatibilidades, Registro de Órganos de Representación y Comisiones de Servicio.

    19 December 2019

    Nueva versión de la aplicación de Gestión del Plan de Formación Unshade accordion


    The day 18/12/2019 has been uploaded to produce a new version of SIGP with modifications in the module management of Training. The most noteworthy changes are:


    - Activate always' Approve Request ´


    -          Actualización de las cabeceras en el documento `Ficha de profesor’


    - Modification of high of trainers


    - Elimination automatic mail managers to sign certificates


    -          Cambio en la pantalla de `Diseño del Plan de Formación´


    - New document ´ banking 'certificate


    - New document 'certificate of conformity of the company ´


    - Verbatim changes in the 'workplace ´


    - Correction of incidence in the Portal with the training staff


    - Elimination of DNI del Portal


    - New screen training application


    - Changes in the high of entries in relation to the provinces and adding new button 'Validate inscriptions ´


    - Adding new fields in Gest. Priorities Provinces, functionality only available for Provinces (rol CAP _ FO _ WU _ FORMAC)


    - Possibility of high places and equipment for the coordinators, functionality only available for Provinces (rol CAP _ FO _ WU _ FORMAC)


    -          Adición de opción de plazo de solicitud por Gestión de Convocatorias


    -          Posibilidad de que los Coordinadores puedan reabrir sesiones, funcionalidad sólo disponible para Provincias (rol CAP_FO_WU_FORMAC)


    -          Aprobación de solicitudes de forma masiva, funcionalidad sólo disponible para Provincias (rol CAP_FO_WU_FORMAC)


    -          Nuevos correos  en `Priorizar por Provincia´ y en `Acceso a Coordinadores´


    - Improvements in menu of Evaluation, functionality only available for Provinces (rol CAP _ FO _ WU _ FORMAC)


    -          En el Portal se muestran Objetivos, Contenido y Destinatario de cada curso


    - Update of document 'request for Formation ´


    - Update of the header of the application


    - Correction of errors in le evaluation


    For more information has been published a guide for this purpose on the website works, in the following location:


    https :// _ Gu% C3% ADa% 20r% C3% A1pida% 20-% 20Dise% C3% B1o% 20Plan% 20de% 20Formaci% C3% B3n.pdf



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