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Then her 24 x 7

  • Short Name:
    24X7 then her seeks to optimize administrative procedures do concello for simplification and implement them in a platform of records management to expedite the administrative management since the efficiency and allows telematic access.
    Target audience:
    Citizen, Company
    Agencies Responsible:
    Then her

    Efrén Arias Jordán
    Managing Director of New Technologies and the information society
    Tf: 982 297 245

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Management systems and services
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:


    Full name of the initiative:

    Then her 24 x 7



    • Posting modernization in the municipality of Then Her directly improving management services and attention to the citizen with support in new technologies, surpassing the physical limitations of buildings and schedules in which the local administration of Lugo focuses its activity today.
    • Simplificar y optimizar el desarrollo de procedimientos administrativos municipales, comenzando por los que resulten más frecuentes y prioritarios en las relaciones de los ciudadanos con el Ayuntamiento, de cara a una mejora en la calidad de servicio.
    • Develop an electronic administration system which allows citizens to handle easily and safely procedures since Internet, as well as to obtain reliable and updated information on the status of the same or any other aspect of municipal management of your interest, with access to content customizable.
    • Hacer más accesible la relación operativa de los ciudadanos (personas físicas y jurídicas) con el Ayuntamiento, abriendo nuevos canales de comunicación durante todas las 24 horas del día y los 7 días de la semana.
    • Speed up and normalize relations of the Municipality with citizens, integrated within the municipal activities through daily bidirectional channels of communication and multiplatform based on new technologies.
    • Optimizar el uso de recursos municipales en el back-office de los procedimientos, así como disponer de toda la información necesaria para la mejora de los mismos por parte de quien la requiera para la toma de decisiones.
    • Habilitar y preparar la integración de la plataforma de servicios del Ayuntamiento de Lugo con las de otras Administraciones Públicas, ofreciendo servicios e información integrales a los ciudadanos.
    • Maximize the performance of technological infrastructures and existing communications in the municipality of Then Her.


    The name “ 24x7 THEN HER ” refers to the primary objective of the project which is to use the new information technologies to open the municipality to citizens 24 hours a day 7 days a week via the multichannel platform.

    Platform for e-administración
    The municipality of Then Her available software components, which made it possible to achieve the success of the project reducing delivery times. In this project has been pursued the implantation and configuration of the processing platform developed in the Andalucian marvel Board, as well as the integration of all components of this platform with the integration of bus available to the Municipality of Then Her. That is, it has installed part of the processing platform developed by the board of Andalucia and consists of @ries , @firma, platform W@nda , Model@ and Trew@ , Solicit@ , Port@firmas spreadsheet and platform components SIGEM promoted by the ministry of industry, tourism and business (telematics SNTS notification and the file module SIGEM), and as a system of information management of files, ALFRESCO how Documentary management component, all of this folder under a citizen of the portal and the integration of the software suite JES Then Her council, use a bus of integration, seeking to ensure interoperability of all components of the platform.

    The architecture of electronic administration platform on the selected and that is developing the project corresponds to the platform W@ndA, that is represented in the following scheme:
    information and care bidirectional supported in information systems and in communication technologies, empowering and redirect the office of attention to the citizen as necessary complement for structuring these relations.

    Los sistemas implicados se clasifican en los siguientes bloques o familias según su función:

    Information systems and corporate platforms Town . Represent those systems that in one way or another or involved for the electronic processing Platform.

    Platforms and services of electronic administration implanted . Are modules that make up the electronic administration platform on which are implanted procedures and that have been installed as part of the first phase of the project. Except in the case of the file, the rest of modules are part of the platform W@ndA of electronic administration:
    • @ries: platform of registration in W@ndA.
    • : Trew@ processing engine in W@ndA.
    • Model@: modeling tool W@ndA procedures.
    • Solicit@: tool design and generation of W@ndA forms.
    • @firma: platform of electronic signature.
    • Port@firma: tool for electronic signature of documents.
    • ALFRESCO: platform ECM to archive of documents.
    Enterprise Server Bus . It is the system that enables communication between the previous platforms. This Bus of integration is used for all applications for processing so that the needs of communication and exchange of data and information between applications fall on Him. In this way, provides an abstraction layer to applications and independent platforms allowing the logic between applications of possible developments and changes on the platform of Processing.


    The software elements requirements for the operation of the platform are detailed below:

    Java Enterprise System (JES)
    Con la implantación de Java Enterprise Systems (JES), el Ayuntamiento de Lugo dispone de un entorno de software intermedio (middleware) completo y basado en estándares abiertos para:

    • You can build all the infrastructure necessary to dispose of networked computer (Web Services Infrastructure),
    • Para la gestión global de la identidad de los usuarios de los sistemas y
    • Adicionalmente también para dar solución a las principales necesidades de infraestructura software de alta disponibilidad (SunCluster).

    Java Enterprise System includes the following components:

    • Portal Server
    • Portal Server Secure Remote Access
    • Portal Server Mobile Access
    • Messaging Server
    • Calendar Server
    • Instant Messaging Server
    • Directory Server
    • Directory Proxy Server
    • Identity Synch for Windows
    • Access Manager
    • Identity Manager
    • Application Server Is/EE
    • Message Queue EE
    • Web Server
    • Web Proxy Server
    • Sun Cluster & Sun Cluster Agents
    • Studio Vegas
    • Studio Enterprise
    • Sun N1 Service Provisioning System

    Java Composite Application Platform Suite (JCAPS)
    The platform that is used in the project becomes the structure of portals Then Her council, and consists in the suite based on open standards Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (JCAPS), which contains all the features necessary for the development and implementation of a service oriented systems (SOA), giving to this tools for the rapid development of new services compounds, for reuse and adaptation of technologies and resources already existing in the organization.

    The Hardware elements requirements are detailed below:

    • Development environment/Validation:

    Machines: 3 servers Sun Fire X2200 M2
    S.O.: OpenSuSe 10.3 x86 _ 64

    1 server (@firma)
    1 server (development platform: trew@, solicit@, port@firmas, @ries, alfresco)
    1 server (validation platform: trew@, solicit@, port@firmas, @ries, alfresco)
    • Production environment:

    Machines: 4 servers Sun Fire X2200 M2
    S.O.: OpenSuSe 10.3
    1 server (solicit@ façade and @ries)
    1 server (@firma and alfresco)
    1 server (@ries and solicit@)
    1 server (trew@ and port@firmas)

    • Cluster Oracle:

    Machines: 2 servers Sun Fire X2100 M2
    S.O.: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
    S.G.B.D.: Oracle 10gR2

    • Municipal Portal:

    Machines: 5 servers Sun Fire X2200 M2, 2 load balancers Nortel
    S.O.: Solaris 10
    2 Web servers
    2 Applications servers
    1 server Pre-producción




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