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SIR Exchange library

  • Summary:
    Library that manages the registry exchange with the interconnection of SIR Records.

    Registration applications that want to integrate into SIR can use this library to facilitate their development and accelerate the certification process necessary for its integration into SIR.

    It is important to consult the document of alternatives of integration into SIR because not all agencies can certify their own implementation and therefore download this component.
    https ://
    Download Area/documentation for Integrators.

    La Librería de Intercambio SIR, es un componente que está en constante evolución. En próximas versiones, añadiremos nuevas funcionalidades y realizaremos correcciones si son necesarias.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration

    Focus integrators and Developers (CAID):

    Para comunicar una incidencia o solicitud de soporte al Centro de Atención a Integradores y Desarrolladores (CAID) rellene el siguiente formulario:

    https ://

    Type of Solution:
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:


    La Librería de Intercambio SIR gestiona todo el protocolo de intercambio registral entre aplicaciones de registro conectadas a la plataforma SIR. Se compone de los siguientes elementos:

    • a number of methods to permit the registration and registration sharing applications for registration.

    • a database to store the registration sent, received, and their state changes.

    • Una serie de métodos para consultar los asientos registrales de la Base de Datos.

    • Unos Servicios Web que gestionan el intercambio registral a través de la Plataforma SIR.

    • Un servicio que realiza las anotaciones de cambio de estado de los asientos registrales en el módulo de Trazabilidad de SIR.

    • Un servicio que registra de manera oficial en el Registro Electrónico Común.

    • an integration with @firma components and common repository CSV Storage of SGAD.

    Based on effectiveness and proportionality, certify only applications of autonomous communities, candidates, and Councils and local entities Scenario catalogued large population Law 57/2003 .
    https ://

    Se podrán certificar también aplicaciones ofrecidas por un proveedor de software del sector privado que cumpla las condiciones para ser Punto de Presencia en RedSARA
    https :// giving service in the cloud municipalities or other bodies that offers the service. In this case, the prerequisites are having a single installation CIR node, a single entry process Traceability and a single synchronization process with DIR3 for all agencies integrated.

    For more information, you can consult the document of alternatives of integration into SIR:
    https :// 20de% 20Integracion% 20en% 20SIR% 20v4-0.pdf? idIniciativa = 214 = 10516


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