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Mailbox application of citizens of PAG

  • Short Name:
    Citizen's mailbox
    The Mailbox of citizen allows the reception, storage and defence of messages that citizens sent via a simple web form.
    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    Overall direction of Public Governance
    Installable product

    Comprehensive office administration Services and Digital citizen

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Interoperability level:
    Operating system:


    Thanks to the Mailbox it is possible to manage easily and automated a large number of messages from citizens. These messages are sent through a form HTML (front). And they are both body that owns the mailbox as their partner agencies (as it allows forwarding messages).

    Además dicha gestión se produce de forma controlada, ya que la aplicación permite fijar tiempos máximos de respuesta y generar correos de aviso.

    Also, thanks to its introduction it is possible to exploit the information existing messages in the mailbox, get different detailed reports: by response times, by type of matter of messages, etc.

    Additionally, the mailbox has an archiving system that allows you to store messages that are not going to be processed more (who have completed their life cycle) so that they remain available only in mode reading for possible future reference.


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