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Common directory Functional Units and offices (DIR3)

  • Functional description



    The Common Directory Functional units and offices, run by the General secretariat of administration Digital, responds to article 9 of the national Schema interoperability, which specifies:

    “ public administrations maintain an update of its administrative bodies and registry offices and attention to the citizen, and their relationships between them. These Bodies and offices be encrypted unique and this encoding disseminated between public administrations. ”

    “ every public administration will regulate the way for the creation and maintenance of this inventory, which will link and interoperará with the inventory of the General administration of the state in conditions determined by both parties and within the framework of this Royal Decree; in his case, public administrations can make use of the aforementioned centralized Inventory for the creation and maintenance of their own inventories ”.


    This Inventory of the General administration of the rule is implemented through the Common Directory (DIR3), providing the hierarchical relationship of the structure of the administrations with Single encoding, and updated co-maintainer for all administrations participants.

    The maintenance of codes and management of the life cycle of the information of the directory is essential, among others, to form the metadata associated with technical standards of interoperability of Electronic File, and data exchange between Registry Entities (SICRES 3.0), in particular:

    • Electronic Files, include the code of body in its file name and its metadata.
    • The information of the Registration is associated with the code of the registry office that renders, and the code of organ of the unit of Processing.
    • Electronic Invoices need the identification of unity tramitadora and the manager, identified with their code of Body.


    DIR3 is a service in the cloud, and does not require installation tasks or maintenance by the organism concerned. Nevertheless, the agency user must:

    - Have Internet connection or network SARA in the PCs users.

    - Optionally dispose of digital certificate valid for their users

    - Move and comply with the rules and conditions of friendly to complete the defined in the guide of good practices, as well as follow the procedure established on change management of foul units.

    Technical Description

    • Java 1.6
    • Oracle 11G
    • Axis 1.4
    • JSP
    • Pentaho Kettle
    • Connectivity with services of:
      • @firma
      • mail server
      • Registration of local entities
      • RCP
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