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Implantación de Solución Integral para el Desarrollo de la Tramitación de diferentes Procedimientos Administrativos

  • Functional description

    The features offered by the product are:

    • Web Technology: information accessible from anywhere in the world with Internet connection.
    • Easy installation: DERVENI TODAY can be installed on a single server, without installing additional customers. Each user accesses through its Web client.
    • Personalizable: Mediante una entrevista inicial, se recogen los requisitos para adaptar la aplicación totalmente al modo de trabajo de la empresa.
    • Integration and use of normal office tools (Word, Excel, Access...).
    • Digital signature: allows to digitally sign documents.
    • Edit documents directly from the documentary Manager, without the need to save it to disk.
    • Access security: Each client access through a personal username and password.
    • Traceability access and modification of data.
    • Security in the work environment: Each user will belong to one or more groups of users of the application on which can be applied access restrictions, allowing anyone can consult any document to which this not authorized.
    • Facilidad en su manejo: Dispone de una intuitiva y agradable interfaz de usuario que permite la utilización de la aplicación de forma sencilla.
    • Related Information: Each document inserted into the application can be connected with other links allowing to facilitate localization of the documents and their related.
    • Management of versions: Allows access to previous versions of the document and to compare the changes that have been made of a version to another.
    • Blocking of documents: A document can be locked to prevent another user modify data or the document itself .Éste can only be unlocked by the user or administrators blocked
    • Work-Flow, notifications and alerts: the application allows each user insert comments attached to a document so that the rest can observe this new information. Furthermore the tool allows Work-Flow moving the information from one department to another and may be different states for the same document.
    • Búsqueda por criterios: Es posible localizar documentos mediante múltiples parámetros. Dependiendo de la clase de información a la que se esté accediendo el Sistema de Gestión Documental despliega una serie de criterios que permiten la localización rápida de cualquier tipo de documento.
    • Search by text Free: Allows locating information searching for content. Enter words and the tool will return documents containing these words.
    • Mass printing: DERVENI TODAY allows any user to make a search for documents (example: invoices for a period) mass printing without opening each of them and go one by one printed.
    • Impresión de listados: una vez realizada una búsqueda es posible exportar los resultados de ésta para conseguir un listado de documentos encontrados.
    • Access log: The application registered each access and type of access that occurs at a document.
    • Adaptable to any quality standards

    Technical Description


    The solution Derveni Today has been scheduled in technology .NET, ASP, JAVA and operates on a database backend MYSQL.