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Interoperability framework convention

  • Indicators:
    • A number of decisionattachedthe Framework Convention of Interoperability:416.
    • Number ofagencies that provide data and documentselectronic equipment:724.

    Functional description

    El Modelo Catalán de Interoperabilidad (MCI) consiste en la creación de unorganizational model, functional, legal and technological advicecomún para todas las AAPP catalanas, que permita el intercambio entre ellas de datos, certificados y documentos por medios electrónicos y laimproved efficiency and effectivenessto promote the interoperability of their information systems. The ultimate goal is to achieve a situation of“ zero ” certificatein that no citizen or company should accredit thoroughly any information held by the establishment of a public.

    The instrument of legal and organizational development of the ICF isInteroperability framework convention(CMI), signed in october 2006, and which states:

    • The Generalitat de Catalunya (GC) available to the local AAPP adhere to the convention,data and electronic certificatesrelating to the citizens, enterprises and organizations at its disposal and that are required by other administrations.
    • The Consorci AOC, state organization participated by all the AAPP catalanes may signagreements with third partieson behalf of all the administrations of Catalunya.

    CMI facilitates the integration of any public entity that wishes to do so in the catalan system interoperability, allowing you to access to all services offered by theplatform Via Oberta. To do this, the AAPP premises will have toadhering to the convention and access the extranetthe AAPP catalanesEACAT.

    A key MCI is the creation of“ catalogue of documents and electronic data interoperable de Catalunya ”that is regulated by law 29/2010 of 3 august and managed by the consortium AOC, and that is the, providing the public sector in catalonia tothe citizen's right not to provide datain the AAPP. Éstas, for its part, should include data and documents that can be obtained through electronic means and mechanisms for access security, thus guaranteeing security, integrity and protection of personal data.

    At present, Via Oberta made available to the AAPP signatories data and documents from theGeneral state administration(AGE), of the GC, the scope of thelocal administrationandprofessional associations.

    De cara al futuro, se continuará trabajando en la incorporación de nuevosorganismos al CMI, laexpansion of services catalogandinteroperability among the catalan AAPP and AGE.

    Technical Description

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