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Implantación de Solución Integral para el Desarrollo de la Tramitación de diferentes Procedimientos Administrativos

  • Short Name:
    The introduction of Derveni Today allows the management of files, registry entry and exit municipal documents and digital archive. Also allows the electronic signature and the generation of municipal reports
    Target audience:
    Local Entities
    Agencies Responsible:
    Brunete City
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    Marjorie Jordá López
    Tf: 663811151

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
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    Technical Area:
    Support for the processing mail, electronic processing
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
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    Full name of the initiative:

    Introduction of integrated solution for the development of the processing of different Administrative Procedures




    Derveni Today is an application developed with technology .NET for the management of files, registry entry and exit municipal documents and digital archive. Is installed on a server and does not require any additional installation. In teams of the network, so we need only part of the domain (Opens in new window) y disponer de navegador (Explorer o Mozilla). Funciona con un motor de base de datos MYSQL e incorpora firma digital de la Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.

    The main objective of the introduction of this software is tracking down a trámite municipal and its management since the entry of the same by the registry on your departure, thereby record all procedures that have been followed, people who have done and the date and time that took place. Some of the procedures including have forms and the incorporation of the digital signature of those responsible.

    Digitization of the whole file, both the existing and future provides a close watch all the paperwork but, above all, a simple consultation documentary by staff municipal. All users have a series of permissions on the folder tree, both personal and departmental.


    The application is installed on a Web server for the LAN with Microsoft Windows XP professional and Internet Information Server.
    Any client with browser, either Explorer or Mozilla domain and user can access Derveni Today.



    • Always accessible information : From anywhere in the world, an employee moved outside their workplace, could, if permitted, access to the documentation of the company through a simple Internet connection. With DERVENI TODAY the user accedes to information instantly accelerating the exercise of their activity.
    • Centralized information : Even taking the firm several seats, it will no longer be necessary to compile to employees for the transfer of documents, or to send them via fax or email. Each user from each seat connects to the application, you can add comments to documents, link with each other linking them and even send email approvals highlighting the state of a document to different users of the application.
    • Quick and easy access : The documentary management manual makes miss large amount of time and space looking documents in physical locations. With DERVENI TODAY that does not happen, since the information is stored in a computer system, which will make searches for you, recovering the results of the same in seconds without moving the employee of your site, avoiding further manipulation and deteriorating physical documents.
    • Cost savings .
    1. Administration. Removes the monotonous tasks and repetitive giving more speed to processes and provide better service to collaborators and clients. Furthermore reduces the time in the search and location of documents, increasing the productivity of working teams, as it provides speed and agility in access to the information shared by eliminating manual tasks of little value.
    2. Ahorro de papel: Desde DERVENI TODAY cada usuario podrá controlar el documento y anotar cualquier comentario para que el resto de usuarios continúe con el proceso evitando con ello el despilfarro de papel y contribuyendo asimismo a la conservación del medioambiente.
    3. Saving of space: DERVENI TODAY is capable of storing millions of documents in a single server allowing the company to dispose of their space for other uses that are not merely the file of documentation.
    • Security : Through the remote backup service online documentation is stored securely and Only authorized users can access the same allowing the company control over the different accesses made. Also in case of disaster or theft information may not be used recovering in its entirety in a few hours.
    • Standardization work : A través de DERVENI TODAY la información sea del tipo que sea es tratada de forma homogénea evitando la pérdida de conocimiento ante posibles bajas del personal y mejorando asimismo la imagen corporativa de la empresa

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