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Infrastructure and Electronic documentation systems

  • Start date Production:


    • Versión 2 de los servicios web de INSIDE, mejorando rendimiento y facilidad de integración.
    • Redesign of the module CSV Creator (Eutils) with guidance to microservicios.

    Functional description

    InSide es un sistema para la gestión e intercambio de documentos y expedientes electrónicos que cumple los requisitos del ENI

    Basic concepts before using Inside (Opens in new window)

    InSide features:

    • Operations on Electronic File.
      • High.
      • Modificaciones de metadatos asociados al expediente. Modificaciones de estado del expediente.
      • Association of existing documents to files.
      • Partnership between files.
      • Management of folders within the file.
      • Obtaining the Contents of the file.
      • Generating signatures, sealed electronically.
      • Generation of the display of the Contents of a file.
      • Search for files.
      • Generate login credentials.
      • Send files to the Justice ministry.
    • Operations on Electronic Document:
      • High (or unsigned documents previously signed, sealed in server).
      • Modifications of metadata associated with the document.
      • Search for documents.

    G-Inside functionality :

    • Generation of the ENI XML files and electronic documents, not necessarily stored in InSide.
    • Validation of documents and files ENI.
    • Display generation ENI documents.

    User Manual (Opens in new window)

    Web services of Inside

    Además se pone a disposición de los usuarios que deseen intergrar sus aplicaciones con el Inside, una serie de Servicios Web.

    Guide Web Services Inside (Opens in new window)

    Technical Description

    Los requisitos necesarios para el funcionamiento de InSide son los siguientes:

    - MySQL database
    - Documentary management system which implements CMIS
    - JRE 1.6.0 _ 26 or higher.
    - Application server J2EE


    InSide is released under a license EUPL _ 1.1

    InSide depends on the following libraries, none of which has been modified:

    - Spring
    Hibernate -
    - MySQL Connector
    - Apache WS Commons
    Nightmare - Apache XML
    - Apache XML Commons
    - Apache WSS4J
    - Apache CXF
    - Apache Commons
    - Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS
    - Apache Neethi
    - Apache GOLD
    - XML Security
    - Woodstox
    - Stax
    - SLF4J
    - Log4j
    - Scannotation
    - CGLib
    - AspectJ
    - ASM
    - AOP Alliance
    - ANTLR
    - DOMJ4
    - GMBAL
    - HA-Api
    - Istack Commons
    - Java Assist
    - JAXB
    - JAX-WS
    - JmimeMagic
    - Mime Util
    - Mime Pull
    - Brothers Time
    - JPA-api
    - JSR 311
    - JTA
    - Java Mail
    - Management API
    - Relaxation NG Datatype Interface
    - SAAJ-Impl
    - Other (serializer, streambuffer, xalan, xmlParserAPIs, wsdl4j, txw2)

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