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Oficina Virtual de Trámites (OVT) de la Plataforma Multicanal gencat Serveis i Trámits

  • Indicators:
    • Positioning Google: 8/10 .
    • Between 200 Spanish portals better positioned.
    • No portals and Subportals: 86 .
    • No Contents: 85,000 .
    • No Drafters: 1,017 .
    • No visits: 2.834.314 per month Over. 25 Million hits in 2009 .

    Functional description

    The Virtual Office of Tràmits (OVT) is the web portal of the GC that informs all actions aimed at citizens and businesses and provides access to services supported by the Multichannel Platform gencat Serveis i Tràmits (GSIT).
    Since the functional point of view , the OVT enables location of the formalities of interest for the user through the thematic navigation, the search engine of transactions with semantic capabilities and the search guided tape based on multiselección forms. Regarding the accessible services by citizens and businesses through the OVT, highlight the following:

    • Access to online processing de más de 200 trámites del GSIT y otras plataformas de la GC.
    • Sending consultations, complaints and suggestions to be resolved by the GC.
    • Petición de citas previas para la atención presencial en las Oficinas de Atención al Ciudadano.
    • Search status of efforts through a specific code unique identifier.
    • Access to Home Folder of efforts for the global consultation efforts settled by GSIT and access to electronic notifications administrative actions.

    Since the view the implantation of GSIT , following the steps:

    • Conceptualization (June 2006 – May 2007): defined the functionality of the platform, including prototypes and functional concept tests and techniques.
    • Design and construction phase (June 2007 – December 2008).
    • Organizational stage of the launch (January 2009 – December 2009):
    • Organized drafting popularized content tape.
    • Identified and embodied the first platform users.
    • Ran an extensive programme of evidence both functional and technology.
    • Support was organized to use the platform as a service professional.
    • Start-up phase and ongoing support (January 2010 onwards): currently, the continuous improvement of benefits of GSIT supervision of its operation.

    The informative content of the OVT is published in the “ framework ” gencat Obetes Dades (open data) so that they can be consumed by third parties.

    Technical Description

    In relation to the technological solution chosen , the benefits are supported OVT through the Corporate content manager of the GC (GECO), based on Opentext solutions (former Vignette) and developed by the administration with corporate technology.

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