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Analytical accounting system with standardized Administrative Organizations of the General state administration

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    Functional description

    CANOEING operates from a standard accounting model to customize to meet the organization and needs of the body, through the definition of the basic structures of the model: elements of cost, cost centres, activities, system,...

    The introduction of cost in CANOE may take place interactively or from standard interfaces, with systems of human resources management, inventory, which is proof of expenditure,...

    Following the segregation of incorporables unreasonable burdens, the cost will be discussed by the system in three major processes:

    • Proceso de asignación por periodos: para clasificar y asignar los costes/ingresos en relación con el momento del devengo de los mismos.
    • Proceso de reparto: para producir la asignación de los diferentes elementos de costes a centros y actividades.
    • Process: to add different types of cost/income according to accounting criteria of the model, in accordance with the needs of different audiences.

    The output of the system is formed by CANOE states standardized accounting which would allow for an overview of the results of the costs, complemented by the possibilities of acquiring information customized to meet management analysis.

    Technical Description

    Thedevelopment environmentkayaking responds to a Web architecture .NET platform, with the client browser, operating from a server applications based on the Internet Information Server (Microsoft) to support the logic of the implementation, and a database server SQL Server to withstand the logic of business and access to database, having been developed with Visual Basic .net

    From 2012 the IGAE provides ahostingto entities, except for public universities affixed in which case the system is installed in the university itself.

    Centralized IGAE. There are No decentralized facilities, except the CNI.

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