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Platform of interoperability of the Canarian Government

  • Indicators:
    • Have been introduced 11 services .
    • Complete training to all partners and responsible functional all council elections.

    Functional description

    The initiative aims to develop the platform PLATINUM Canarian government to support electronic administration, with a model of architecture where the reuse and the various aspects of interoperability are the axes that have marked the strategy.

    The phases for the development of the system have been: Preliminary engineering simplification and standardization; Startup phase, establishment of communication, validation, definition of the preliminary scope; analysis of integration; construction, design and integration of procedure with the platform, and in parallel the adjustment if necessary; Integration testing; Implementation procedure production; Creation of a technical office support the platform; Protocol for reporting effects on the platform; Protocol of deployment of new versions of the different services that makes the platform.

    From the point of view functional Character, platinum Single and obligatory for the entire Canarian Admon and their public agencies. Existing services in PLATINUM should be used for all those features seek to offer related to the provision of services by electronic means as the digital signature, registration of entry/exit, electronic document management of processing, etc.

    From the point of view organizational there is a Technical Office of platinum (OTP) to give support for all those systems that wish to integrate and operate with the platform , being responsible for settling incidents and management and evolutionary corrective developments, including the deployment of those new services that are useful for the organization.

    From the point of view operation , Platinum is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    Technical Description

    In relation to the solution and technological architecture , it was Service oriented architecture (SOA), where the applications distributed are composed of services and reusable granules , well-defined interfaces, public and conform to standards . Additionally continues to other architectural paradigms:

    • It is a Messages from architecture (MDA ), where broadcasters applications sending messages to host applications.
    • It is also a Events led architecture (EDA ), where applications can generate and consume messages completely decoupled (asynchronous way).

    To integrate all these aspects are needed to base the platform in a model of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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