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Associations, foundations, corporations

Asociaciones, fundaciones, empresas españolas que publican estudios e informes de interés para la economía y la administración digital.


Spanish association standards and certification (AENOR)

Esta asociación creada en 1986, ha procedido en 2017 a realizar un desdoblamiento de sus actividades por el cual UNE, non-profit organization, develops the activity of standardization and Cooperation . And for its part, AENOR, entidad mercantil, trabaja en los ámbitos de la evaluación de la conformidad y actividades asociadas such as training or sale of publications.


Association of electronics companies, information technology, telecommunications and Digital Content (AMETIC)

Conducts diverse publications reflecting the business of TIC sector.
Market data information technologies in Spain (2016) (Opens in new window) it is also known the publication of data on TIC and hypersector digital content in spain.

  • NOTE : Previously in collaboration with the ministry of industry took place the annual Report: (Opens in new window)

  • También promueve la edición de publicaciones de estudios sobre los perfiles profesionales TIC; sobre smart cities; transformación digital en el sector de la salud, etc.


Asociación Profesional de Cuerpos Superiores de Sistemas y Tecnologías de la Información de las Administraciones Públicas (ASTIC)

Done since 1996 Boletic magazine (Opens in new window) en donde se recogen mejores prácticas en lo referido a administración digital.


Association of Computer technicians of the Local administration (ATIAL)

This partnership that arises from the Majorcan Valenciana has the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences and the realization of synergies between staff associated with information technology and communications (TICK) in local administrations.


Association of Internet users (AUI)

Its aim to promote good Internet use in the so-called Information society.
Protect and defend the interests and rights of Internet users and new technologies.
In the parcipación world day of the internet. Also promote prizes for best practices.



National Centre of technologies of accessibility (CENTAC)

Carries out studies of accessibility working with government agencies.

Organizes the National Congress CENTAC technologies of accessibility.

  • Accessibility


Spanish confederation of business organisations (CEOE)

The CEOE integrates with voluntary two million companies and individuals of all sectors of activity, which are linked to CEOE through more than associations of base.

Innovation Club

Innovation Club

The Club of innovation organizes, – with the support of the royal house of the currency (FNMT); FEMP; centre Cripotógico national and finance ministry and Public Function – since the year 2011 Congress CNIS: National Congress of innovation and utilities – until 2014 named: National congress of Interoperability and safety –.

  • Electronic services
  • Interoperability
  • Security


Spanish association for the digitization (Digital)

Patronage of the sector of the digital technology and innovation in spain. The aim of Digital transformation is to promote global digital and real citizens, companies and public administration.

Founding ELEVEN • Discapnet


Discapnet, the Portal of Persons with Disabilities it is an initiative to promote social and labour integration of persons with disabilities, cofinanced by Founding ELEVEN and ILUNION technology and Accessibility.

Performs publications: Reports of Infoaccesibilidad from the Observatory of accessibility TIC.

  • Accessibility

Founding Orange

Founding PwC Spain

Founding PwC Spain

Legal lecturer in the public Sector PWC-IE have been conducted study as: Electronic administration: A myth or a reality for citizens of the 21st century? (2010)

Telephone foundation

White foundation

Founding Socinfo

Founding Information Society (Socinfo)

Organizes events, seminars, meetings in which representatives from the public sector show the activity and projects in modernization of public administration. Has also made a periodical publication (magazine) "information society" .

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