PAe national library and Red.es Registrar driving the reuse of the digital heritage with BNElab
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The national library and Red.es Registrar driving the reuse of the digital heritage with BNElab

29 may 2017

This Plan by the european commission provides a detailed multi-year vision prior actions and complementarities of the ICT standardization in europe to develop to support public policies.

The National library of Spain (Opens in new window) some digital funds composed of 184,000 titles and 30 million pages freely accessible through Internet. With the aim of encouraging reuse to create new products and services, the director of the BIBLIOGRAPHY, Ana Santos Aramburo, and the director general of Red.es Registrar, josé Manuel Leceta, have presented today BNElab, a new virtual space.

This project is the result of an agreement signed in 2016 between both institutions and advanced undeniable cultural value of the funds for the BNE. The Information and communication technologies (ICT) have completely transformed the access to the contents of the institutions, and at the same time, they open alternative channels for reuse. This reality is reflected in the birth of new businesses that operate business models based on the establishment of tools and applications of added value, since the contents of the public sector.

The possibilities to reuse this digital heritage are important in areas as diverse as education, entertainment, research and technological innovation, artistic or humanistic, be an engine for learning and knowledge, technological and economic development, and innovation and creativity.

BNElab is only one of multiple lines of work they have undertaken BIBLIOGRAPHY and Red.es. Among them are to improve and enrich the datasets of the BIBLIOGRAPHY, while promoting their self-reuse. It also encourages the establishment of new products and digital services, from the collections of bibliography showing new uses of heritage and its interest to many different industries. But, above all, this line of cooperation seeks to provide digital tools for others to reuse and give new uses for this heritage.

The projects already in place within this initiative, as well as a preview of the forthcoming opportunities can be seen in www.bne.es/bnelab (Opens in new window) initial space, which will be to construct and expand in the coming months.

With the submission of this project is also one of the initial proposals, Filarmónico game (Opens in new window) . This is an innovative technological development carried out from an 18th-century manuscript contained in the funds for the BNE. Describes a method of creating minuetos through a dice game.

The project digitally plays and recreates the functioning of this game is very popular in its time and it was conceived as an entertainment for social gatherings, but also as a desk review of musical composition. Through a simple dice game, any person without musical skills could make numerous small pieces in the form of minué.

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