PAe - solutions for obtaining the certificate of non-existence of sexual offences
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Solutions for obtaining the certificate of non-existence of sexual offences

29 april 2016

The delegation of the government of catalonia has held a Jornada informativa sobre certificates of sexual offences

The Director-General for the coordination of the Administration of the state, Or under the ministry of finance and Public Administrations, Antonio sánchez, has opened the day on certificates of crimes of a sexual nature that had been organized by the delegation of the government in catalonia, attended by the secretary-general of the delegation, simon Pérez. It has also participated in the office in Girona, Juan Manuel Sánchez-bustamante subdelegada, and the government in Lleida, Inma Manso.

Have attended the workshop representatives of the General state administration, of the departments of Salut, marzo Justícia and Treball de la Generalitat, Administració Oberta de Catalunya (AOC), of the candidacies of Tarragona, Girona and of local councils and municipalities, and of entities, federations and associations linked to children and youth.

The purpose of the day has been disseminating the available mechanisms for obtaining the certificates of a sexual nature, -necesario for those who will exercise a profession or activity involving contact with children and the solutions that has enabled the ministry of finance and Public Administrations to different administrations and for the citizen. The channels through which the certificate can be obtained are as follows:

  • Electronic procurement through electronic headquarters of the ministry of justice
  • Electronic procurement through Citizen Folder
  • Exchange of data between AAPP through the platform for Brokering.
  • In the records of the regional offices of justice
  • Records of any administrative organ of the AGE, REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS or Local government
  • Delegations and Branches of government
  • Mail addressed to the regional offices

During the day, the Territorial Manager, ministry of justice, Emilio Giménez Pita has explained the normative framework of the certificate referred to in the next day, Aitor Cube, assistant director-general in leading the Digital Administration and services provided to citizens of the directorate of information and communications of the ministry of finance and Public Administrations, has devoted his presentation to the tools to quickly get this certificate: the beijing platform for brokering and Citizen Folder.


The AAPP can exchange information among them, so that the worker is not required to make documents that are already held by the administration, with the relevant time and cost and greater reliability for the administrations. In the case of this certificate, the administration can be accessed through the mere authorization of the person concerned.

The Citizen folder (Opens in new window) offers an access point to the citizen can check the status of their files and your personal information. This is a new way of dealing with public administrations at the same point of obtaining data voter population, to carry out a change of domicile, academic qualifications, information on real estate, the absence of proof of criminal record and the offences of a sexual nature, subject to this day. In this case, the company that received certification, you can check the veracity of the data through the code of The Security Council. Is adapted to different mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. Works with the various public administrations to start new services.

Original source of news: Seap-Minhap

More information on Brokering platform of Data and Citizen folder in the cst

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