PAe - delegations and branches of government will facilitate the registration CL@VE class
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Delegations and branches of government will facilitate the registration CL@VE class

28 december 2015

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The offices of public administration state Peripheral (Delegations and Branches of government) are registration system face Cl@ve. Cl@ve already has one and a half million registered users and 400,000 authentications per month.

The registration of delegations and branches of Government offices are already registration Cl@ve system, so that citizens can now earn username and password to gain access to electronic services without the use of electronic certificates.

The system Cl@ve allows access to full guarantees for the services of electronic administration, in addition to electronic certificates, shared key (username and password). These keys simplify the use of electronic services and facilitates access from mobile devices. shared Keys must be enabled in offices or through a face efiling with an electronic certificate fully operational.

So far only operated as face registration offices the network of offices of the Tax and Social security. Now, been habilitated registration system face cl@ve delegations and Branches of Government. This enlargement, is available throughout the spanish geography, extend and facilitate the use of the system Cl@ve.

Since its establishment in october 2014 cl@ve system has more than 1.5 million registered users to use these keys and supports concerted approximately 400,000 authentications per month.

The resolution of 28 september 2015 of the directorate of information and communication technologies (ict) established the conditions for acting as registry face cl@ve system and the legal framework for offices citizen of the AGE and also of the regional administrations and local offices may be formed as chief of the register in Cl@ve.

Cl@ve is the common platform of the public Sector Administrative State for the identification, authentication and electronic signature, through the use of concerted keys may be used also by the rest of Public administrations.

Cl@ve is also a bet on the provision of services that are commingled and shared by public administrations as it is the single system that it is going to be used throughout the General state administration and has also introduced the extension of its use in all e-services in the year 2015.

For more information on how and where you can use the cl@ve service available on the information portal http://clave.gob.es (Opens in new window)

More information on how to integrate with cl@ve electronic services in the in the solution cl@ve PTT

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